Ironman Wisconsin results 2017

A deep and talented male pro field faces off in Ironman Wisconsin results 2017.

It was a male pro race only in Wisconsin on Sunday, September 10, 2017.

It was an excellent field that featured many top USA pros facing off against some of Australia’s best.

Leon Griffin, Chris McDonald, Luke McKenzie, and Paul Matthews were there to represent Australian hopes, and Stephen Kilshaw was Canada’s lone entry. New Zealand, Germany, and Hungary were also represented.

Andrew Starykowicz was in the race and would most likely be in command on the bike course and then try and hold on in the marathon.


McDonald Chris   
McKenzie Luke   
Starykowicz Andrew  
Tollakson TJ
Russell Matthew 
Daerr Justin 
Rhodes Bryan  
Yoder Andrew  
Shoemaker Jarrod   
Schmid  Stefan  
Griffin Leon 
Kilshaw Stephen 
Becker Blake   
Brader Christian
Brady Patrick  
Brandon Barrett  
Defilippis Scott   
Garcia Derek  
Gerlach Thomas  
Laughery Colin  
Long Sam  
McKeon Patrick 
Nagy Gergely  
Rau Ryan 

As expected, it was a very closely contested swim. Brandon Barrett was officially first, but about six male pros were within 16 seconds.

Also as expected, Andrew Starykowicz stormed into the lead on the bike course. By the 40 mile mark had created a gap of 3:12 between himself and second place Luke McKenzie. The rest of the field was 5:30 or more off the pace.

Not much had changed by the 65 mile mark. The lead by Starykowicz had grown to four minutes over second place Luke McKenzie. Tj Tollakson was in third, almost 7:30 off the pace.

What a great finish to the bike by Starykowicz. He increased the gap to 8:10 to second place Luce McKenzie, and 9:29 to Tj Tollaksen. The rest of the field was over 20 minutes back.

Now the question was…….was the lead by Andrew Starykowicz big enough to fend off a couple of very fast runners?

Starykowicz raced exceptionally well all day, but after the mid-point of the marathon was caught and passed by Luke McKenzie of Australia. By the 17-mile mark McKenzie was up 1:07 on Starykowicz who was holding on to second place. Tj Tollaksen was about seven minutes back in third place and the rest of the field had lots of work to do.

It’s come down to the last few miles. McKenzie will cruise home.

Patrick McKeon in fourth place is running fastest of all. Andrew Starykowicz is just hanging on in second. His pace is a minute slower than Tj Tollakson who is picking up the chase from third. It looks like there might be a pass for second place in the final mile or so.

McKeon might just make it close as well for third place. At the 22.8-mile split he was running a 7:06 pace. Tollakson was 7:50 and Starykowicz 8:54. If all things remain equal, Starykowicz might just miss the podium and end up fourth.

What a great race for Luke McKenzie. He takes top spot in the Ironman Wisconsin results 2017 with a winning time of 8:17:19.

Well, the numbers don’t lie. Tollakson and McKeon both passed Starykowicz.

It was an amazing run by McKeon. He posted a 2:43:09 marathon. If the race was a kilometer longer he would’ve been second.

Luke McKenzie..............8:17:19
Tj Tollakson...............8:28:17
Patrick McKeon.............8:28:36
Andrew Starykowicz.........8:32:28
Stefan Schmid..............8:34:22

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