Ironstruck sponsors Pro triathlete Olesya Prystayko

Ironstruck is pleased and proud to announce their sponsorship of pro female triathlete Olesya Prystayko of the Ukraine.

Olesya was born in Saratow, Russia on January 3, 1985.

Her career in triathlon began in 2000 and her professional career began in 2004 and she has been a member of the Ukrainian National Team since 2006. sponsors pro triathlete olesya Prystayko

Olesya all set for Calgary 70.3 Ironman

Numerous times between 2008 and 2010 Olesya reached the podium of European Triathlon Championship races.

In all she has medalled in 43 Ukrainian Triathlon and Duathlon championship races between 2001-2010 and is a six-time Ukraine National champion at the Olympic distance.

In her first foray into the WTC Ironman distance Olesya finished in ninth place in Ironman Texas 2013. She followed that up with an eighth place finish in Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2013.

At the time of this announcement Olesya was preparing for Ironman 70.3 Calgary 2013 where she will be up against defending champion Magali Tisseyre, Heather Wurtele, and Tenile Hoogland just to name a few of the top female pro triathletes taking on this sold-out race on Sunday July 28, 2013.

From there it will be off to Ironman Mont Tremblant 2013 where she will be part of the action in the North American Ironman Triathlon Championships.

Ironstruck sponsors Pro triathlete Olesya Prystayko

Olesya on IM 70.3 Calgary run course

These will most likely be her last two races that will provide the opportunity for Kona Ranking Points for the Ironman Hawaii World Championships in the Fall of 2013.

With two solid performances Olesya has a realistic chance of qualifying for Kona.

At 28 years old, Olesya will be the second youngest entry in Ironman 70.3 Calgary and her career in Ironman Triathlons has truly just begun and there is surely a bright future ahead as she gains more and more experience with each WTC Ironman event she enters.

Olesya has a four-year plan in place and Ironstruck is honored to play a part in her Ironman journey and we wish her all the best and will be with her every step of the way.



In her first race under the Ironstruck banner Olesya raced very well in Calgary against a solid field of professional women and held her own in a sixth place finish.

Her swimming is improving with every race and in the near future she will most likely be coming out of the water much nearer to the leaders.

Ironstruck sponsors Pro triathlete Olesya Prystayko-Calgary bike course

Olesya on Ironman 70.3 Calgary bike course

As it was, Olesya was only two minutes slower in the swim than Heather Wurtele, the eventual winner.

It’s the bike where Olesya really shines and she took her new bike into a race for the first time and held her own. Only five minutes separated the top six women as far as bike splits.

Her run was solid as the triathletes battled through cold temperatures.


WURTELE, HEATHER....CAN 00:26:00 01:55:54 01:49:48 04:11:42 
MCBRIDE, RACHEL.....CAN 00:25:30 01:55:41 01:52:38 04:13:49  
MCLANE, MANDY.......USA 00:26:01 01:56:11 01:51:59 04:14:11 
MENSINK, LISA.......CAN 00:25:02 01:58:40 01:54:54 04:18:36 
HOOGLAND, TENILLE...CAN 00:24:58 01:59:19 01:59:45 04:24:02 
PRYSTAYKO, OLESYA...UKR 00:28:21 02:00:21 01:57:59 04:26:41 
CLEAVER, ANNA.......NZL 00:24:42 02:05:27 02:02:33 04:32:42  
KAMENZ, ANNETT......CAN 00:31:16 02:04:22 00:00:00 00:00:00 
TISSEYRE, MAGALI....CAN 00:25:33 02:27:56 00:00:00 00:00:00

Olesya missed catching Tenille Hoogland for fifth place by less than two minutes, but still picked up Kona Ranking Points towards the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in the Fall.

Ironstruck sponsors Pro triathlete Olesya Prystayko- ironman calgary 70.3 2013

Olesya getting ready for Ironman 70.3 Calgary swim start.

A pivotal race is coming up for Olesya in Mont Tremblant 2013. She has earned points in four races this season including Ironman Texas and Ironman Coeur d’Alene and with her current point total is within striking distance of the top 35 pro women and an entry into the Ironman World Championships.

Considering she is just 28 years old and in just her first year on the Ironman circuit the future looks bright for Olesya.

It will be an exciting day when the gun sounds to begin Ironman Mont Tremblant, the North American Ironman Championship venue for 2013.


Olesya held her own in a world class field and was 12th of the 19 female pros who started the race.

Her swim time of 01:01:54 was competitive and her swimming continues to improve.

Olesya’s bike time was well off her best performance and it’s not a stretch to see an improvement next time out as her bike time was 05:27:42 in Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2013 and 05:12:14 in Ironman Texas 2013. Texas is a lightning fast bike course but her time was still 8th fastest of the 13 female pros who completed the bike course.

Once again her marathon was solid as she worked herself up three places over the 42km marathon distance.

She earned 1200 Kona Ranking Points and sits just under 3900 points. Realistically Olesya will need around 5200 points to grab one of the last qualifying spots for Kona.

I can’t say enough about her durability and dedication as she is winging her way to Whistler to take on the inaugural Ironman Whistler 2013 in a last ditch effort to gain some points.


ELLIS, Mary Beth 00:51:43 04:58:18 03:12:47 09:07:56
KEAT, Rebekah	 00:55:18 05:07:25 03:08:32 09:16:55
BERANEK, Anja    00:53:20 05:00:30 03:18:14 09:17:26
BLATCHFORD, Liz	 00:49:43 05:11:38 03:10:19 09:17:44
SCHWABENBAUER,Kim01:02:10 05:11:20 03:03:45 09:23:02
HANSEN, Jennie	 01:02:14 05:11:53 03:04:34 09:24:46
CSOMOR, Erika	 01:00:40 05:12:18 03:09:28 09:27:51
CHURA, Haley	 00:49:22 05:17:29 03:17:52 09:30:06
ARENDT, Jackie	 00:56:14 05:22:05 03:13:53 09:38:09
PIAMPIANO,Sarah  01:01:55 05:15:17 03:19:05 09:41:58
WEE, Bree	 00:57:35 05:16:59 03:23:55 09:44:08
PRYSTAYKO,Olesya 01:01:54 05:36:37 03:32:46 10:17:19
GORDON, Jackie	 01:00:45 05:30:43 03:40:28 10:18:14
PEKERMAN, Nina	 01:02:16 05:35:38 03:34:18 10:19:24
GERVAIS, Annie	 01:02:14 05:33:31 03:37:42 10:20:25
KOURTZ, Amanda	 01:15:53 05:19:04 04:09:05 10:51:24
DANAIS, Marie	 00:57:34 05:47:42 04:04:39 10:56:32
TANAKA, Keiko	 00:56:18 05:51:25 00:00:00 00:00:00
SMITH, Jessica	 00:56:13 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00


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