Is The Ironman Triathlon Swim Hard

It’s very common for new triathletes to ask is the Ironman Triathlon swim hard?

They had never done an Ironman but had this persistent dream of crossing the Ironman finish line one day.

As far as the question, it’s safe to say that the Ironman swim is different things to different people.

To some people, swimming is second nature and the 2.4-mile Ironman swim doesn’t really intimidate them.

Even excellent swimmers taking on the Ironman for the first time might feel some apprehension about the amount of people that will be in the water with them, but that’s usually overcome fairly easily.

This is in part because they don’t really have to worry about their swim stroke or whether or not they can swim the distance.

On the other hand, the Ironman swim can indeed be hard for someone who has the Ironman on their mind but really don’t know how to swim and like most novice Ironmen, couldn’t imagine themselves learning how to swim well enough to manage 2.4-miles in the open water.

 is the ironman triathlon swim hard

Even experienced swimmers might be apprehensive about the close quarters of the Ironman swim.

Like many people around the world who are bitten by the Ironman they will spend hours in the pool just learning how to swim.

Some people have to learn the basic front crawl stroke from the very beginning.

After that they have to develop their swimming fitness to the point where they can not only manage the swim distance, but also become proficient and fit enough to bike 112-miles and run 26.2-miles once they get out of the water.

So is the Ironman Triathlon swim hard?

If you are new to the whole concept of swimming in general and scared to death by the mere thought of the moment the swim start gun sounds on race morning, then yes, the Ironman Triathlon swim can indeed be hard.

However here are three reasons why you should never let the fear of the Ironman swim stop you from realizing your dream of crossing the Ironman Triathlon finish line.


Much like anything else in life, if we swim often enough our bodies will adjust and respond to the new physical demands that comes from repeating the same thing over and over again.

Our muscles have memory and if you do the same thing often enough it becomes second nature and you’ll be surprised at how well you can really swim if only you commit to learning something new and give your body a chance to adapt to this new challenge.

Baseball pitchers were not born with the ability to throw 98 MPH fastballs. At one time perhaps they dreamed of pitching in the big leagues but thought it was beyond them.

That is, until they threw that baseball over and over and over again until the motion was seared into their muscle memory and it became second nature.

This is exactly what will happen with swimming if you stick with it.


Since the Ironman’s birth in the 1970’s managing the 2.4-mile swim has been the biggest obstacle for many novice Iroman triathletes.

Some people have let their fear of the Ironman swim get the best of them and because of that, have never given themselves a chance to realize their dream of crossing the Ironman Triathlon finish line.

Yet there are thousands and thousands of triathletes from all over the world who conquered their fears and doubts when it came to learning how to swim well enough to be called an IRONMAN one day.

They faced the challenge head on and conquered their fear and realized their seemingly impossible dream.


If you take nothing else away from your Ironman Triathlon experience, leaning how to swim and overcoming all your fears of the open water is a great accomplishment.

It’s something you will never forget and a skill you will always have no matter what happens once you leave the swim behind and climb on your bike to begin the 112-mile bike.

The world is covered with water. Lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds, and reservoirs are everywhere.

Every single year hundreds of people around the world lose their lives because they don’t know how to swim.

So is the Ironman Triathlon swim hard?

is the ironman triathlon swim hard

One day you will find yourself open water swimming far from the fury of the Ironman and will be so glad you took the time to learn.

Yes it is….and that’s what makes conquering it such a great accomplishment one one day it could save your life or the life of someone you care about.

Besides, one day you might find yourself swimming in peace in the open water far from the fury of the Ironman with the amazing new swim stroke you have spent so much time learning and you will be so grateful to be the confident, skilled swimmer you have become.

Embrace the challenge and believe in yourself.

One length of the pool will become ten, and ten will become a mile, and one day that single length of the pool you dared to attempt will lead you to the finish of the 2.4-mile swim on Ironman race day.

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