Canadian Paula Findlay was expected to challenge for the win in Edmonton, unfortunately was not part of the ITU World Cup results Edmonton 2011.

An injury kept her out of the race.

Going into the race nobody was quite certain what to expect from the ITU World Cup 2011 once the dust settled.


Paula    Findlay 	   CAN 	
Helle 	 Frederiksen 	   DEN 	
Kiyomi 	 Niwata 	   JPN 	
Kathy 	 Tremblay 	   CAN 	
Zurine 	 Rodriguez 	   ESP 	
Ashleigh Gentle 	   AUS 	
Hideko 	 Kikuchi 	   JPN 	
Katrien  Verstuyft 	   BEL
Keiko 	 Tanaka 	   JPN 	
Anastasiya Polyanskaya 	   RUS	
Claudia  Rivas 	           MEX 	
Machiko  Nakanishi 	   JPN 	
Elizabeth Bravo 	   ECU 	
Charlotte McShane 	   AUS 	
Alice 	Betto 	           ITA 	
Margit 	Vanek 	           HUN 	
Hollie 	Avil 	           GBR 	
Mateja 	Simic 	           SLO 	
Amanda 	Felder 	           USA 	
Anahi 	León 	           MEX
Carla 	Moreno 	           BRA 
Pamela Nascimento Oliveira BRA	
Romina 	Palacios Balena    ARG 	
Flavia 	Fernandes 	   BRA 	
Flora 	Duffy 	           BER 	
Melody 	Ramirez 	   MEX 	
Chantell Widney 	   CAN 	
Yuko 	Takahashi 	   JPN 	
Jennifer Spieldenner 	   USA 	
Lauren 	Goldstein- Kral    USA 	
Abbie 	Thorrington 	   GBR 	
Michelle Flipo 	           MEX 	
Ellie 	Salthouse 	   AUS 	
Manon 	Letourneau 	   CAN 	
Eri 	Kawashima 	   JPN 	
Andrea 	Barraza 	   MEX 	
Melissa Rios 	           PUR 	
Lydia 	Waldmüller 	   AUT 	
Kelly 	Whitley 	   USA 	
Yanitza Perez 	           CUB 	
Charlotte Morel 	   FRA 	
Cecilia   Perez 	   MEX 	
Szandra Szalay 	           HUN 	
Daria 	Pletikapa 	   CRO 	
Militza Ríos 	           PUR 	
Fanny 	Beisaron 	   ISR 	
Yun-Jung 	Jang 	   KOR 	
Lisa 	Perterer 	   AUT 
Hee Ju 	Kim                KOR


Bevan 	 Docherty 	  NZL 	
Hunter   Kemper 	  USA 	
Crisanto Grajales 	  MEX 	
Marek 	 Jaskolka 	  POL 	
Kyle 	 Jones 	          CAN 	
Gavin 	 Noble 	          IRL 	
James 	 Seear 	          AUS 	
Diogo 	 Sclebin 	  BRA 	
Simon 	 Whitfield 	  CAN 	
Ramon 	 Ejeda Medina 	  ESP 	
Brent 	 McMahon 	  CAN 	
Jose Miguel Perez 	  ESP 	
Arturo 	 Garza 	          MEX 	
Ben 	 Collins 	  USA 	
Cameron  Good 	          AUS 	
Premysl  Svarc 	          CZE 	
Aaron    Royle 	          AUS 	
Carlos   Javier Forero    COL 	
Drew 	 Box 	          AUS 	
Fabio 	 Carvalho 	  BRA 
Jens 	  Toft 	          DEN 	
Christopher Felgate 	  ZIM 	
Francisco Serrano 	  MEX 	
Juraci 	 Moreira 	  BRA 	
Andrew 	 Russell 	  CAN 	
Peter 	 Croes 	          BEL 	
Csaba 	 Rendes 	  HUN 	
Attila 	 Fecskovics 	  HUN 	
Marc-Yvan De Kaenel 	  SUI 	
Felipe 	Van de Wyngard 	  CHI 	
Bryan 	Keane 	          IRL 	
Aurélien Lescure          FRA 	
Todd 	 Leckie 	  GBR 	
Leonardo Saucedo 	  MEX 	
Yohann   Vincent 	  FRA 	
Peter 	 Kerr 	          AUS 	
Gabor 	 Faldum 	  HUN 	
Barrett  Brandon 	  USA 	
Ognjen 	 Stojanovic 	  SRB 	
Pierre 	 Le Corre 	  FRA 	
Jason 	 Wilson 	  BAR 	
Kohei 	 Shimomura 	  JPN 	
Gonzalo  Raul Tellechea   ARG 	
Aaron 	 Harris 	  GBR 	
Joe 	 Maloy 	          USA 	
Harunobu Sato 	          JPN 	
Mauro Cavanha Conceicao   BRA 	
igor 	Polyanskiy 	  RUS 	
Hiroki 	Sugimoto 	  JPN 	
Steven 	Sexton 	          USA 	
Andrew 	Yorke 	          CAN 	
Brice 	Daubord 	  FRA 	
Akos 	Vanek 	          HUN 	
Ji Hwan Kim 	          KOR 	
Balazs 	Pocsai 	          HUN 	
Luciano Farias 	          ARG 	
Eder 	Mejia 	          MEX 	
Michel 	Gonzalez 	  CUB 	
Aleksandr Latin 	  EST 	
Tamas 	Toth 	          HUN 	
Hervé 	Banti 	          MON 	
Irving 	Perez 	          MEX 	
Ron 	Darmon 	          ISR 	
Andre   Baillargeon Smith CAN 	
Felipe 	Barraza 	  CHI 	
Min Ho 	Heo 	          KOR 	
Wikus 	Weber 	          RSA 	
Franz 	Hofer 	          AUT 	
Marcus Vinicius Fernandes BRA 	
Richard 	Varga 	  SVK 	
Dylan 	McNeice 	  NZL 	
Patrice Hamelin           CAN 	
Ju Seok Kim 	          KOR 	
Matthew Sharp 	          GBR 	
Javier 	Cuevas            DOM 

Wow! What a field there is for the men’s division.

Simon Whitfield was no doubt a fan favorite, but is does seem that coming off his past form Whitfield would be hard-pressed to make the podium.

The main Contenders appear to be Bevan Docherty of New Zealand and Hunter Kemper of the U.S.A. Hunter just seems to be rounding into form and this could be a big day for him once the race begins.

Kyle Jones might just be Canada’s best hope to make the podium

itu world cup results edmonton 2011

Men’s swim start


results to follow…………

Suddenly this race became wide open as Paula Findlay drops out due to a nagging hip injury shortly before the swim start.

A wise decision with her whole career in front of her. It is so easy to turn a treatable injury into something major and career ending.

Going into the first lap of the women’s run the standings looked like this….

1 ASHLEIGH GENTLE AUS..........00:11:15
2.MATEJA SIMIC SLO...........+00:11.09
3.CARLA MORENO BRA...........+00:12.02
4.CLAUDIA RIVAS MEX..........+00:21.22
5.FLORA DUFFY BER............+00:21.39
6.KEIKO TANAKA 	JPN..........+00:27.75
7.CHARLOTTE MOREL FRA........+00:29.33
8.ALICE BETTO 	ITA..........+00:29.74
9.KIYOMI NIWATA JPN..........+00:40.79
10.KATRIEN VERSTUYFT BEL.....+00:41.42
11.ZURINE RODRIGUEZ ESP......+00:50.75
12.HIDEKO KIKUCHIJPN.........+00:52.39

My pick to win the race was Kiyomo Niwata of Japan and she is off the pace by 40 seconds.

1.ASHLEIGH GENTLE AUS........00:11:46
2.CARLA MORENO 	BRA.........+00:40.26
3.MATEJA SIMIC 	SLO.........+00:40.86
4.KIYOMI NIWATA JPN.........+01:14.95
5.CLAUDIA RIVAS MEX.........+01:15.38
6.KEIKO TANAKA 	JPN.........+01:18.02
7.ALICE BETTO 	ITA.........+01:18.16
8.CHARLOTTE MOREL FRA.......+01:18.82
9.FLORA DUFFY 	BER.........+01:20.83
10.HIDEKO KIKUCHI JPN.......+01:39.44
12.ZURINE RODRIGUEZ ESP.....+02:00.84

Ashleigh Gentle is looking great. Koyomi Niwata from Japan has a shot at the podium.

Carla Moreno from Brazil and Mateja Simic from Slovakia are well within striking distance of Ashleigh Gentle.

Well, this race is history and Gentle from Australia wins in 2:00:12!

1.Ashleigh Gentle..........2:00:12
2.Mateja Simic.............2:01:06
3.Lisa Perterer............2:01:08 

On the men’s race a very large lead pack was out on the bike course and it’s obvious that the best runners will be on the podium at the end of the race, as there is no small break-away group.


1.SIMON WHITFIELD CAN..........16:29:35
2.AKOS VANEK HUN..............+00:00.69
3.DYLAN MCNEICE NZL...........+00:00.92
4.AARON HARRIS 	GBR...........+00:02.91
5.ATTILA FECSKOVICS HUN.......+00:03.08
6.STEVEN SEXTON USA...........+00:03.81
7.BARRETT BRANDON USA.........+00:42.09
9.JOE MALOY USA...............+01:45.66

I hope Simon proves me wrong and makes the podium, however he has been off form for a few races now. Perhaps racing at home in Canada is just the boost he needs.

At least he is the lead pack and by all reports there are about 50 riders in that pack so all Hell will break loose out on the run course.

Canada could sure use a big race from Simon after Paula Findlay was forced to withdraw from the race.

Things are a little clearer now. After the second of six bike loops there are 35 riders in the lead pack. They are 41 seconds up on the chase pack.

Simon Whitfield, Docherty, Noble and all the main contenders are in that lead pack.

After another lap on the bike the group has stayed together and it’s a frantic pace as everyone tries to hang

Just a note if you are watching for Ron Damon from Israel, he was injured in the swim and has withdrawn from race, but will be fine.

4 laps are done now and the lead group still holds a 49 second lead over the first chase pack. The second chase pack is 1:09 down.

They might as well be 2 weeks behind. The winners will come out of the first pack as it’s a who’s who of Olympic athletes in front.

It’s going to be some run.

It’s only about 7 minutes now until the bike/run transition.

At this level all you have to do is mess up getting off your bike, or getting your helmet off, or getting your running shoes on, and you will never catch up.


Hunter Kemper is the first out of the bike/run transition. He is followed out by Rendes and Vanek. For some reason Simon Whitfield is 3rd last of the first pack out of T2.

He will have to have quite a run to get to the front of the pack.

Wow! What a difference one lap makes.

At the end of the first lap Bevan Docherty leads and is followed closely by Lescure, Jones, Hunter Kemper, Royle, Sharp, Simon Whitfield, and Polyansky. They are about 10 seconds apart.

Very soon we will know who will be on top of the ITU World Cup Edmonton results 2011 and it should be one of these guys.

At the end of lap 2 Lescure is in the lead, Docherty is right with him for second, Jones is third, Hunter Kemper is fourth and Simon Whitfield is stalking them all in fifth place.

Bevan Docherty wins the race!


1.Bevan Docherty........1:46:48
2.Aurelien Lescure......1:46:50
3.Hunter Kemper.........1:46:54
4.Kyle Jones(the top Canadian and just misses the podium) 
5.Crisanto Grajales
6.Simon Whitfield
7.Akos Vanek 

I found out the following day that Simon Whitfield had a mishap in the transition from the bike to the run, crashing to the ground and picking up some road rash, including a cut on his left knee and some broken skin on his arm, as well.

It’s pretty much exactly the sort of mishap I just mentioned that can put you behind and you never do quite catch up and as you will see by the times of the podium finishers. There was only 6 seconds between 1st and 3rd.

Also, it’s the first time Kyle Jones has ever beaten Simon Whitfield and Jones could well be Canada’s biggest hope in the Olympic Games.


Visit for Ironman and 70.3 results.

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