Jamaica Reggae Marathon 2012: Run to the beat

Jamaica Reggae Marathon 2012: Run to the beat. On December 1, 2012 the 12th annual Reggae Marathon will be taking place in Negril, Jamaica.

One of the best perks of being a runner or triathlete is that you have the opportunity to travel to the far corners of the world to do something you love.

There are marathons in pretty much every major city in the world, but there are also very special and intriguing venues that could provide not just a unique marathon experience, but can also be combined with a vacation that your whole family can be part of.

2012 Jamaica Reggae Marathon

Seven-Mile Beach in Jamaica

Early December can often mean snow and cold in the Northern States and much of Canada. It also means the end of the Marathon season and for those who need a break from winter and a running fix the Reggae Marathon is a great choice.


When the going gets tough there will be live or recorded Reggae music at every mile of the marathon course to pick you up.

There are races that seranade you with Beethoven and some that feature rock and roll, but there is something special and uplifting about the Reggae beat that you are unlikely to experience in any other marathon in the world.

Running to the unique and unmistakeable sound of the steel drums is just part of the once-in-a-lifetime experience of making the trip to Negril.

There is no other marathon in the world that will have a Red Stripe Beer and a coconut waiting for you when you cross the finish line.


You have the option of running the 42k marathon, 21k-half marathon, or 10k race.

The looping course takes the runners along the very famous Seven Mile Beach of Negril that is for the most part flat and fast.

If you have never been to the Caribbean you are in for a treat if it is your first time experiencing the snow-white sand and stunning blue waters of the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

2012 Jamiaca Reggae Marathon

“One good thing about music. When it hits you, you feel no pain.”

The 2012 edition of the race is expected to attract over 1500 competitors from around the world.

Canadian marathoners were well represented in 2011 with 70 runners making the journey to Negril to be part of this unique marathon experience.

Perhaps even more Canadians will be part of this year’s race as word of mouth and insight from those who have experienced the Jamaica Reggae Marathon attracts more runners to the race.

Be sure to visit the Jamaica Reggae Marathon
website for more information.

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