Kelowna Apple Triathlon


The Kelowna Apple Triathlon is a great race and if you are in the area be sure to stop by.

The event is considered by many to be one of the best triathlons in Western Canada.

Many times over the Kelowna Apple has hosted the Canadian National Championships. Some of the greatest triathletes in the country including Simon Whitfield and Paula Findlay have taken part in the race. They also took part in the Olympic Games.

If it fits into your itinerary you should drop by and support the athletes. It’s a two day event that features athletes of all abilities from kids to world class triathletes.

You may even get to see the next budding star on the Canadian triathlon scene.

It’s a great opportunity to view and support one of the fastest growing mainstream sports in the world. People love triathlon because it’s for “everyone”.

It’s been a pleasure over the years to have an Ironstruck booth at this great event.
Kelowna Apple Triathlon

It’s been an opportunity to meet some amazing, talented people and to watch budding triathletes at the grass roots level as well as some of the best who compete against the best in the world.

This is what Simon has to say about the Apple Triathlon:

“The Apple Triathlon was my first Olympic distance race back in 1992. It remains to this day one of my favorites. It’s held in a wonderful city, with great people, stunning scenery and with the generous support of the city, the people of Kelowna and the incredible volunteers.

Although there will be many gifted athletes in Kelowna, anyone can take part in triathlon and have fun while learning new skills.

Triathlon is helping many people realize that being fit can be fun and a way of life.

It seems that no matter where I go I meet people who have taken part in the Kelowna Apple Triathlon. For many of those people the Apple was their very first triathlon and they have very fond memories of the day they crossed the finish line.

It is an especially good venue for kids to learn more about the sport and have a great time doing it.

As creator of Ironstruck, I am a firm believer in triathlon for kids. I strongly support any event like the Kelowna Triathlon weekend that encourages kids to pursue a healthy lifestyle while having fun.


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