Kona Lottery 2015 Opens Early


Kona Lottery 2015 Opens Early with bonus slot up for grabs

It’s that time of year again only this time its come sooner. For those of you who would like to try your luck at a lottery spot for Ironman Hawaii 2015 you should know that it’s starting early this year.

As a matter of fact you might even win yourself a bonus slot if you enter between Monday October 6 at noon EST and Friday October 10 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

As I’m sure most of you know, the Ironman Hawaii World Championships 2014 will be taking place next week on Saturday October 11.

The draw for the Kona 2015 bonus slot will take place at the end of the IronmanLive coverage of the 2014 race.

This actually seems like a pretty good opportunity if you plan on entering the lottery anyway.

When you come right down to it, a lot of people might not even be aware of this opportunity to win a draw for the extra slot until it’s too late. Lucky you!

The more time passes the more entries there will be for the 100 available lottery spots that will be drawn on March 17, 2015. The deadline for entering the contest is February 28, 2015.

As always there will be 100 lottery spots, 100 legacy spots, and 5 Physically Challenged spots for a total of 206 lottery spots including the bonus draw.

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I wonder if that triathlete is still trying who emailed me last year to say it was his 12th attempt at getting into Kona via the lottery. Maybe lucky number 13 will do it for him.

I really believe that every triathlete who has heard the call of the Iron Gods but may never be fast enough to finish near the top of their age-group should enter this lottery.

There is just so much drama and history that has taken place on the Ironman Hawaii course and just being part of it is something that will stay with you forever.

There is nothing quite like that final stretch down Ali’i Drive to the finish line and it is truly a defining moment in the world of sport.

Better buy yourself an entry into the draw. You just never know.

Here are the 100 lottery winners from 2014

Good luck to them all in the 2014 race!!

Alan	Macdougall	US
Allysin	Bridges 	US
Andrae	Wasler  	AT
Andrew	Ballantyne	AU
Andrew	Dentskevich	CH
Andrew	Shanks  	US
Andrew	Yandell  	US
Anthony	Camilleri	AU
Auke	Cnossen	        HK
Brian	Silver  	US
Cami	Pfennig  	US
Charles	Black   	US
Chris	Scapillato	US
Christine Kells  	GB
Christopher  Morris	US
CristineAshcroft	AU
Damian	Cameron 	GB
Daniele	Pagani  	IT
David 	Kanesky 	US
David	Pietig  	US
David	Robinson	US
Dennis	Budd    	US
Derek	Guiher   	US
Donnie	Hall    	US
Doug	Williams	US
Eric	Goodney  	US
Eric	Jones   	US
Erik	Fallenius	US
Ferdi	Cam     	DE
Gary	Michelsen	US
Gina	Maddox   	US
Greg	Christiansen	US
Gregory	Shaw    	US
Harry	Lee     	US
Hiroshi	Matsumura	JP
Holly	Grammer  	US
Jack	Smith   	US
James	Hall    	US
Jason	Brasseur	US
jeb	watts   	US
Jeff	Klancke  	US
Jeremy	Blake   	US
JeronimoMendez delaMaza	ES
Jerry	Nista   	US
Jim	Parks   	US
Joe	Borge   	US
Joe	Cerniglia	US
Joe	Larsen   	US
John	Appeldorn	US
John	Chatterton	AU
John	Shryock 	US
Jonas	Thomander	SE
Jonnie	Pettersson	SE
Juan Cristobal Gonzalez	VE
Julian	Hawkins 	AE
Kathleen Petelinsek	US
Kent	Morris  	US
Kurt	Jones   	US
Lars	Hansen   	DE
Laurie	Beattie 	US
Manfred	Hofer   	DE
Michael	Genkin   	US
Michael	Kichler  	US
Michael	Rössing  	CH
Michael	Young   	US
Michelle Ridder  	US
MIlton	Bonellos	CA
Nawaf	AlDhaen  	BH
Neil	Hall    	AU
Nick	Webster 	US
Ola	Blomgren	SE
Patrick	Quinlan  	US
Peter	Harding  	GB
Peter	Karoczkai	US
Peter	Rawlings	AU
Randa	Patrick  	US
Reginald Fuchs  	DE
Richard	Beamish 	NZ
Rick	Walker  	NZ
Robert Brown    	UK
Robert	Shuler   	US
rubens	martins  	BR
scott	dickson  	US
Shawn	OShea   	US
Sheryl	Leonard-Schneck	US
Spot	Anderson	AU
Stefan J Tunguz 	US
Tammy	Lackey  	US
Terri	Menghini	US
ThaddeusBinstead	US
Thomas	Evans   	US
Tod	York    	US
Todd	Borke   	US
Tony	Moore   	AU
Trevor	Cleveland	US
Warren	Frick   	US
Yamandu	Perez   	US
Yati	Yadav   	US
Evan	Kerr    	US

Visit IronmanLive for draw details and 2014 legacy and Physically Challenged lottery winners.


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