Lance Armstrong wins SuperFrog Triathlon

“I’m not banned from life.”

This was a quote from Lance Armstrong just before the start of the Super-Frog Triathlon on Sunday September 30, 2012 and when the gun sounded he showed just how much he was enjoying his current life.

The Super-Frog Triathlon has deep roots and was created by the Navy Seals way back in 1979 and has it’s home in Coronado, California.

For all purposes, this race is the longest running half-iron distance triathlon in the world and the 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, and 13.1-mile run are probably among the most challenging in the world of triathlon events of this distance.

Lance in bike leg of superfrog triathlon

Great to see Lance in a Speedo. That’s all we ever raced in back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

It was created on the heels of the earliest Ironman Hawaii Triathlons that took place in Oahu before moving to Kona.

It was no easy field that Lance beat out in the Super-Frog. Duathlon World Champion Leon Griffin of Australia was in the race and it would take a pretty special effort to beat him.

Armstrong was up to the task and despite exiting the water several minutes behind the leaders he clawed his way back to within a dozen meters of Leon Griffin and just stayed there until the transition. In doing so, his 2:02:48 bike split broke the course record.

Can you imagine? Here is a race that has been around for almost 35 years and Lance sets a new standard for the bike course. He is in such great form and such a talent and it is triathlons loss that he will not be competing in Ironman Hawaii 2012 in Kona on October 13.

Anyway, I digress……..

It really shows how Lance Armstrong is adapting to high level triathlons when you see him sitting back of the leader on the bike course when he could go blowing on by as he did in some of his early WTC Ironman 70.3 races. Whatever sport he is in, he is a student of the game.

In the Super-Frog he bided his time and instead of over-extending himself let Leon Griffin lead the way into and out of transition two and by the end of the first mile of the run Lance was in the lead and never looked back.

This is a run course that begins and ends with a 2-mile soft sand run and despite the degree of difficulty Armstrong set a new course record with a time of 3:49:45.

He had this to say when asked why he entered the race…….

finish line of the superfrog for win for Lance Armstrong

The first win for Lance Armstrong since his ban from racing WTC.

“This is a special race that was started a long time ago by people who probably thought they were doing something really crazy and it wouldn’t take off and never be duplicated, and now people are doing it all over the world and in droves,” Armstrong says. “And the second reason: for our servicemen and women. The SEALs are at the top of that chain but everyone below them is just as committed and just as passionate–they’re special to me and special to a lot of people. The least I can do is come out and suffer for three hours and forty-nine minutes.”

Lance Armstrong wins SuperFrog Triathlon and also wins many new fans as he is not letting the ban from WTC events stop him from competing and supporting Livestrong in the process.

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