Lauren Barnett: Pro Triathlete Bio

Lauren “Lou” Barnett is in her first year as a pro triathlete and going full speed ahead as she makes a huge splash on the Ironman scene.

Lauren is originally from St.Louis and in a sport where many triathletes make the leap into the pro ranks too soon Lauren has timed it perfectly.
lauren Barnett pro triathlete bio
Like many of the top pros, Lauren has been involved with sports in one form or another most of her life.

It was after graduating from the University of Missouri(Magna Cum Laude)when Lauren entered the most important triathlon of her life.

It was that very first race that was the catalyst for what has evolved into a stellar pro triathlete career that has her racing on an equal footing with many of the top pros in the sport.

There is an inherent risk involved with becoming a pro triathlete too soon. It can be devastating for a triathlete to go from racing near the top of the amateur ranks in a few races to struggling to make it into the money on the world stage in a sanctioned WTC race.

There is no fear of that with Lauren because she has done everything right.

Lauren spent three years racing at the highest amateur level and in those crucial, formative years honed her swimming, biking, and running skills. More importantly, she developed the mindset of a fierce competitor who is just as comfortable racing from the front as she is coming from behind.

In 2010 Lauren committed herself to the sport and her dedication to training led to a podium finish in every 2011 triathlon she entered as an age-group athlete.

Her 2012 season as an Elite Amateur was nothing short of sensational.

2012 Race Results

1st Female Elite Amateur | 2:10:27 at Toyota US Open Olympic – Dallas
1st Female Elite Amateur | 1:19:01 at River Cities
1st Female Elite Amateur, 1st Overall |2:03:40 at PlayTri Olympic
2nd Female Elite Amateur, 5th Overall | 2:05:37 at Memphis in May 5150
1st Age Group, 2nd Female Amateur | 4:35:43 at Vineman 70.3
1st Age Group, 3rd Female Amateur | 4:38:25 at Galveston 70.3

Still Lauren waited and finished on top of the podium five more times as an Elite Amateur in 2013 before turning pro. She was so well prepared that the step from amateur to pro was almost seamless.

2013 Race Results

1st Female Elite Amateur, 3rd Overall | 4:29:01 at Lake Stevens 70.3
1st Female Elite Amateur, 4th Overall | 2:10:20 at 5150 St. Louis
1st Female Elite Amateur, 6th overall | 2:08:33 at Lifetime CapTex
1st Female Elite Amateur, 3rd Overall | 1:06:13 at Kemah Aquathlon (bike canceled)
1st Female Elite Amateur, 8th Overall | 4:24:01 at Galveston 70.3
1st Female PRO | 2:11:30 at Trifecta Triathlon (First PRO 1st place finish)
4th Female PRO | 2:08:20 at Lifetime Chicago (PRO level debut)

So far in 2014 Lauren has been simply amazing with podium finishes in three WTC Ironman 70.3 races and it certainly bodes well for her future as a pro triathlete.

-3rd in Ironman 70.3 Kansas

-3rd in Ironman 70. Buffalo Springs (where she recorded the fastest female pro run time)

-3rd in Ironman 70.3 Racine 2014

-5th American and 16th overall in the 70.3 World Championships in Mont-Trebmlant 2014.

-1st in Ironman 70.3 New Orleans

-1st in Ironman 70.3 Augusta 2014 Pro Triathlete lauren Barnett Bio

Often becoming a pro triathlete means that your life is centered around training and racing on a full time basis with little time left for other pursuits.

What makes Lauren’s accomplishments even more remarkable is the fact that she works full time as the Marketing Director at Innovation360, an outpatient mental health and addiction treatment company.

What an opportunity for sponsors who are looking for the complete package in a pro triathlete!

It’s going to be exciting to watch Lauren “Lou” Barnett in the coming years as she develops into one of the top female pros in the world.

To find out more, be sure to drop by Lauren’s website.

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