Many people have discovered that lifestyle family fitness and family life today are greatly enhanced by enjoying the sport of triathlon together.

In the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to meet several amazing triathlon families.

It was a no brainer to include one of these families in “Lifestruck” a book I wrote to inspire pre-teens and teens to embrace a healthier way of life. This can be done through better diet choices and including regular physical fitness into their lives.

There are many kids who are never able to make the school team for one reason or another.

Perhaps they are not gifted with the necessary athletic skills to be one of the dozen or so kids chosen for the team. None of this matters when it comes to triathlon. Kids and adults of all abilities can enjoy the sport and the lifestyle family fitness that come with it.


What makes triathlon so great is that it’s a sport for everyone. It’s a sport for every kid regardless of their athletic ability. Beginner triathletes of every age and ability are welcomed into the sport.

lifestyle family fitness

All in the family

There is no coach to impress and no pressure that often comes with the team sport dynamic. Better yet triathlon and enhanced fitness is something the entire family can enjoy together.

I met one amazing family that had a mother and father who were both Ironmen and three kids who were part of the “kids of steel” program that is extremely popular in Canada. Talk about a family that understands lifestyle family fitness and it’s many advantages.

It’s just so great when kids learn to swim at an early age. Sure it’s part of being a triathlete but in their lifetime kids will be around water all the time.

It might be a pool, lake, ocean, or river. Regardless, the ability to swim may prove to be very important one day and is a great skill to master early on in life.


The parents of these young triathletes told me that there was no pressure for the kids to become triathletes. It was a choice they made on their own and soon they all fell in love with the sport.

How cool is it to have a triathlon family who share a well-balanced diet on a regular basis, train together, and support each other on race-day?

lifestyle family fitness

A kid of steel

Kids learn from example and what better example for parents to set than to enjoy a diet that promotes a healthy lifestyle? Combined with family fitness and fun that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


It’s no wonder that triathlon is the fastest growing mainstream sport in the world. It’s not a moment too soon as so many kids in North America are struggling with fitness and diet choices.

According to many health care workers I have encountered it’s becoming far too common-place for teens and even pre-teens to be diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

Unfortunately these kids have not been introduced to the benefits of lifestyle family fitness and way of life that triathlon represents, but they can be at any time.

Triathlon in general and especially taking on the challenge of the Ironman often requires a lot of focus for adults who are perhaps taking on that challenge for the first time.

Possibly there seems to be no time to inspire their kids to become involved in the sport and to also be there to help them train and to support them on their own race-day.

As many families have shown it is possible for adults to inspire and support their kids while chasing their own dream as everyone takes part in the same sport.


What is the true definition of family? What defines the values of family more than involving everyone in a way of life the includes a healthy lifestyle, family fitness, and having fun together on a regular basis? This is the opportunity that triathlon provides.

Triathlon becomes a way of life for many families. It’s just a matter of using a little imagination and adopting a training plan that can get everyone involved. Of course the age of the kids has to be taken into consideration.

lifestyle family fitness

A family of triathletes

If kids are old enough there’s no reason why they can’t ride their bikes while their parents run. It’s also very possible for the whole family to go to the pool together.

Parents can alternate between getting some swim-training in and helping the kids with their swimming.

Triathlon families can try out different ideas until they find a way to involve the entire family. It’s very possible to create a plan so every family member has an opportunity to benefit from the triathlon family fitness the sport has to offer.


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