Marine Corp Ironman 70.3 Results 2011


The Marine Corp Ironman 70.3 Results 2011 features a who’s who of some of the best triathletes in the world.

Well, a season of 70.3 races has come down to one race in Lake Las Vegas. It’s an incredibly talented field of pros who will be going after the title of 2011 Ironman 70.3 World Champion.

However there are a few pros who are giving up their qualifying spots and will not be taking part in the race.

In the pro women’s race, Mirinda Carfrae has chosen not to enter. On the men’s side Timothy O’Donnell the current 70.3 points leader will not be racing in order to take a run at Ironman Hawaii.

Richie Cunningham who ranked third in the rankings will also pass on the event and will not be part of the Marine Corp Ironman 70.3 Results 2011.

Past winners who will be competing include Julie Dibbens, Andy Potts, and Craig Alexander.

Marine Corp Ironman 70.3 Results 2011

This pro list will most likely change as it is from August 18th before the Ironman races in Penticton and Louisville, but it should be quite accurate as far as the top qualifiers go. Most of the changes will happen at the bottom of the lists.


Jodie Swallow
Leanda Cave
Angela Naeth
Karin Thuerig
Magali Tisseyre
Melissa Rollison
Heather Jackson
Joanna Lawn
Michelle Wu
Lesley Paterson
Catriona Morrison
Sophie De Groote
Melanie McQuaid
Christie Sym
Emma-Kate Lidbury
Madeleine Oldfield
Heather Leiggi
Tenille Hoogland
Margaret Shapiro
Desiree Ficker
Annie Gervais
Jessica Meyers
Julie Dibens
Kristin Andrews
Mary Ellis

Mary Beth Ellis has won 3 Ironman races in 8 weeks and Kona is coming up fast. It’s race day and there’s no sign of Ellis and that makes perfect sense. Rest is the most important part of the equation after such an outstanding couple of months.

Normally a 70.3 under the expected sweltering conditions of Nevada one month before Kona would be perfect timing, but I don’t know if that includes someone who has won 3 Ironman races in less than 3 months.

Leanda Cave will be tough in this race and will most likely be the one to catch for top spot in the Marine Corp Ironman 70.3 Results 2011. The pros most likely doing the chasing are Magali Tisseyre, Melissa Hollison, and Julie Dibens.


Filip Ospaly
Joe Gambles
Paul Amey
Paul Matthews
Maxim Kriat
Paul Ambrose
Alessandro Degasperi
David Kahn
Chris Lieto
Luke Bell
Matty Reed
Christopher Legh
Andy Potts
Jeff Symonds
Bryan Rhodes
Tim Berkel
James Cunnama
Matt Lieto
Raynard Tissink
Christian Kemp
Ben Hoffman
Brent Poulsen
Swen Sundberg
Joe Umphenour
Guy Crawford
Oscar Galindez
Luke McKenzie
Andres Castillo
Sebastian Kienle
Fredrik Croneborg
Michael Weiss
Stanislav krylov
Josh Rix
Tim Reed
Jesse Thomas
Gavin Anderson
Martin Krnavek
Nick Waninger
Richard Allen
Craig Alexander
Domenico Passuello

Wow! What a great field of pro men. Very difficult to pick a winner from these, but Raynard Tissink might be the one everyone will be chasing.

Also expect an all-out effort from Paul Ambrose as he failed to gain a qualifying spot for Kona and doesn’t have to hold anything back.

In Ironman Louisville Ambrose had a great 47-minute swim, a strong bike time of 5:29, but had problems in the run. Count on him to be tough in the 70.3 Championships.

If the temperatures hit 38-40 this course might well suit those who are more used to the longer distance of a full Ironman.


Andy Potts has a great swim and has a 34 second lead as he heads out onto the bike course.


23:19 Andy Potts Colorado Spring CO USA
23:53 0:34 Kevin Collington Orlando FL USA
24:27 1:09 Paul Matthews Casuarina NS AUS
24:30 1:11 Joe Umphenour Colorado Spring CO USA
24:34 1:16 Filip Ospaly Lelekovice CZE
24:36 1:18 Fraser Cartmell Stirling GBR
24:38 1:20 Luke McKenzie Bend OR AUS
24:39 1:20 Martin Krnavek Brno CZE
24:41 1:22 Dmitry Rostyagaev Rybinsk RUS
24:42 1:23 Stanislav Krylov Clermont FL USA
24:42 1:24 Gavin Anderson Louisville CO USA
24:44 1:25 Paul Ambrose Sydney NS AUS
24:45 1:26 Craig Alexander Boulder CO USA


25:40 Leanda Cave Tucson AZ USA
25:45 0:05 Julie Dibens Boulder CO USA
26:24 0:44 Tami Ritchie Ankeny USA
26:26 0:46 Tenille Hoogland Courtenay BC CAN
26:29 0:49 Simone Benz Horgen CHE
26:29 0:50 Emma-Kate Lidbury Oxford GBR
27:09 1:29 Margaret Shapiro Herndon VA USA
27:24 1:44 Magali Tisseyre St-Sauveur QC CAN
27:28 1:48 Heather Wurtele Kelowna BC CAN


7:28 Dirk H Rnig Oberkochen DEU
24:32 17:04 Lautaro Diaz Sebriano Cordoba ARG
25:31 18:03 Charlie Karstrom La Jolla CA USA
25:33 18:05 Chris Berg La Jolla CA USA
25:42 18:14 Bruce Gennari Brentwood TN USA
25:59 18:31 Robin Schneider Gera DEU
26:23 18:56 Gregory Dierksen Brighton MA USA
26:27 19:00 Tim Hola Highlands Ranch CO USA
26:37 19:10 David Staffeld Benbrook TX USA
26:46 19:18 1Staffan Westerberg Mountain View CA USA


27:15 1071 Amanda Durner Colorado Spring CO USA
27:44 0:29 1406 Erin Hunter San Diego CA USA
27:51 0:36 810 Jennifer Leiser Charlotte NC USA
27:51 0:36 1062 Peggy Burns Tucson AZ USA
28:32 1:17 787 Christine Gould San Diego CA USA
28:32 1:18 1056 Carmen Brahim Alpharetta GA USA
28:35 1:20 847 Jessica Smith Stanford CA USA
28:35 1:20 860 Lindsey Whalen Chicago IL USA
28:46 1:31 843 Suzy Serpico Columbia MD USA
28:50 1:35 1432 Miranda Tomenson-Bharadwaj Scarborough ON CAN

Check out the 80+ category………

1 1:03:22 511 Bob Scott Naperville IL USA
2 1:07:00 3:39 510 Lew Hollander Bend OR USA

There are many, many top level age-groupers in their 50’s and 60’s who might well continue right into their 80’s one day.

It looks like Craig Alexander is all business today and will not be holding anything back as he closes in on Andy Potts at the 13-mile mark of the bike.

Raynard Tissink has moved into 6th place.

As many predicted, Julie Dibbens has taken over the lead on the bike from Leanda Cave so this shaping up to be a great race.

Look out for Melissa Rollison. I picked her to win a few races this year and she is charging through the field and is an awesome runner.

With Temperatures expected to hit 93F, it might well be the pros who come from off the pace and save a bit for the run who will win today.


29:35 Julie Dunkle San Diego CA USA
29:47 0:12 Lauren Smith Windermere FL USA
29:48 0:13 Jeanne Debonis Brecksville OH USA
30:16 0:41 Becky Paige Maynard MA USA
30:45 1:10 Barbara Kutschbach Rorschacherberg CHE

The run should be amazing as about ten pro men who could easily win are all within striking distance. In the last 10 miles of the bike they are all chasing Chris Lieto.

On the women’s side Melissa Rollison and Leanda Cave are sitting about 3 minutes behind Julie Dibens who is trying to lead all the way to the finish.

On this course in the heat of the day that will be a tall order as she may just over-extend herself.

You can see her reasoning however as she knows just how fast Melissa can run and Julie hopes to have a good lead leaving transition two.

It could well come down to a two woman race as Leanda Cave is falling further behind and is over 4 minutes back.

Things are starting to happen late in the bike. Andy Potts has been dropped from the second chase group and is five minutes behind the leader Chris Lieto.

Chris is powering through the last stages of the bike and most likely has the same strategy as Julie for the women.

Raynard Tissink has broken free from the first chase group and appears to be positioning himself for the run which is not far away.

Raynard has been assessed a penalty and it’s a costly one.

Here are the top 7 men coming off the bike and Raynard has cost himself 2nd place and perhaps all chance of winning the race.

1 2:37:57 Chris Lieto Danville CA USA
2 2:42:04 Paul Ambrose Sydney NS AUS
3 2:42:05 Craig Alexander Boulder CO USA
4 2:42:23 Paul Matthews Casuarina NS AUS
5 2:42:23 Joe Gambles Boulder CO USA
6 2:42:31 Luke Bell Cardiff CA USA
7 2:42:38 Fraser Cartmell Stirling GBR

The biggest threat appears to be Craig Alexander who passed Ambrose and is chasing down Chris Lieto.

Melissa Rollison is having a great bike and is going to be super-tough out on the run course.

Rollinson is having a great run and is only about a minute behind the leader. I think it will take a major catastrophe to stop Melissa from winning here today. She has been so ready for all her races this year.

Rollison and Alexander have both taken over the lead in their respective divisions and are pulling away from Chris Lieto and Julie Dibens.

In the blink of an eye Rollison has a four minute lead.

Karin Thuerig has also passed Julie Dibens.

Craig Alexander and Melissa Rollison are the Ironman 70.3 World Champions and take top spot on the podium in the Marine Corp Ironman 70.3 Results 2011.

Craig Alexander has taken his second 70.3 world title with a time just under 3:55.

It will be interesting to see how things go in Kona for him in less than a month.

In the men’s race the other top positions were hotly contested. Chris Lieto hung on for second and ran a great race. Jeff Symonds was awesome and made the last podium spot. Michi Weiss powered through much of the field to finish in fourth spot.

Then it was Joe Gambles, and Paul Matthews.

Raynard Tissink still managed seventh spot despite his penalty.

Apparently it was a four minute penalty. He may not have caught Craig, but judging by the times he would have most likely made the podium somewhere.

Here are the top pro male and female finishers in the Marine Corp Ironman 70.3 Results 2011.


1 3:54:48 85 Craig Alexander Boulder CO USA
2 3:58:03 3:15 48 Chris Lieto Danville CA USA
3 3:58:42 3:54 53 Jeff Symonds Penticton BC CAN
4 3:59:11 4:23 70 Michael Weiss Colorado Spring CO USA
5 4:00:00 5:12 41 Joe Gambles Boulder CO USA
6 4:00:26 5:38 43 Paul Matthews Casuarina NS AUS
7 4:00:53 6:05 58 Raynard Tissink Port Elizabeth ZAF
8 4:02:01 7:13 55 Tim Berkel Port Macqaurie NS AUS


Mellisa Rollinson
Julie Dibens
Linsey Corbin
Heather Jackson

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