The Olympic triathlon distance is a step up from the Sprint Triathlon and is double the Sprint distances in all three events.

This is a set distance everywhere in the world and is the current distance used in the Olympic Games.


There are several alternatives if you feel you are not quite ready to take on the Olympic Triathlon.

That’s one of the main advantages of triathlon these days that we did not enjoy when the sport was new back in the early 1980’s.

If you are new to the sport, the Olympic triathlon might not be the best place to begin your triathlon career. This is especially important if you are just learning how to swim or how to handle a road bike for the first time.

The shorter races like the Try-A-Tri and Sprint Triathlon are most likely better choices if you are completely new to the sport of triathlon and would like to ease yourself into the sport.

These shorter distances will give you a good grasp of the sport of triathlon and exactly how the transitions work.

The Olympic distance is of course the distance of the triathlon you will see during the Olympic Summer Games.

It is becoming one of the more popular distances as there are many people who have been turned on to the sport but are not quite ready to tackle a race like an Ironman 70.3 or a full Ironman like Ironman Canada for instance.


The swim distance for the Olympic Triathlon is 1500 meters and once you get to a triathlon of this distance the swim almost always will be in the open water.

Olympic triathlon

Spectators lined the entire bike and run course.

As the swim distances of triathlons increase it gets harder and harder to organize pool swims and it just makes sense to have the swim in the open water.

However, it’s a natural progression and once one is ready to tackle an Olympic distance they will most likely be ready for the open water.


The bike leg of the this triathlon is 40k. Once you get to this level of triathlon, the distances become standard no matter where you compete in the race.

In other words, a variation of the set distances would no longer make in an Olympic distance triathlon.

It’s a very manageable distance for cyclists of average ability, but at the same time is a good indicator of a triathletes current biking skills and endurance.


The run distance is 10k, or basically a 10k race that has a 1500m swim and a 40k bike in front of it.

It’s also a manageable distance, but once again, it’s preferable to have a fair amount of training in the bank before taking on this challenge.

If you have tried the shorter races like the Sprint Triathlon for instance with it’s 5k run, and managed it without too much problem, than most likely you are ready for a 10k run.

Many people will choose to do more than one Olympic triathlon before they try a Half-Ironman. There are also many people who are happy going as far as the Olympic distance and no more.

You can tell this distance is very popular because the World Triathlon Corporation has just recently created a new series of races called the Triathlon 5150.

It would be no surprise at all to see the 5150 become a pretty popular event for both pros and age-groupers.



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