Raw food weight loss


Raw food weight loss is one benefit from incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Basically you are eating your food without embellishing it with garnishes that have the potential to cause weight gain.

Eating you vegetables raw does away with creams, butters, and sauces that many people add to their vegetables and often it is these additions and not the vegetables that cause weight problems.


It’s a good idea to have at least a small variety of raw fruits and vegetables on a regular basis(perhaps for snacks)as they do tend to lose some of their nutritional value when cooked.

When I was training religiously for races, I preferred “lightly steamed” vegetables as opposed to the raw option.

Raw food weight loss

It's the sauces that add the calories

Like most fad diets, many people are getting swept up in the idea of eating “all” raw foods as a way of life. It’s not unlike the way people went crazy over the Atkins diet only to find out later that it was not so great after all.


Often you can eat large amounts of raw food without risking weight gain. For instance many diets will claim that you can eat “unlimited” amounts of salad.

And that’s true of many vegetables as they lead to no or very little weight gain. You can’t really bet much more basic or calorie-free than a bag of fresh carrot sticks for a snack at school or work.

There are actually five or six types of fiber and one of the types of fibers that are found in abundant supply in raw foods are called “cellulose” fibers which are necessary for losing weight.

Apparently there is some scientific evidence that raw food will be beneficial to having clear skin.

Raw vegetables are high in vitamins as they are not lost in the “over-cooking” process.
Raw food weight loss

It’s pretty much a given that most raw food is very low in saturated fats or other fat for that matter.


The claims that raw food will do all sorts of amazing things like give you more energy, improve your sex life, make huge improvements to your immune system, or simply make you healthier than people who eat cooked foods are mostly unsubstantiated.

There are also many foods that become “more” beneficial once they are cooked. For instance beans are far more nutritious once they are cooked.

Personally, I really enjoy steamed beans(perhaps “el dente” or lightly cooked) with a little butter or coconut oil and sea salt and pepper as opposed to eating them raw. It even makes it more enjoyable to know that it is actually better for you.

Raw food weight loss

Steaming vegetables is a great option

When you cook tomatoes an extremely healthy compound called lycopene is produced. Far more lycopene than you will find in raw tomatoes. Lycopene is a great weapon against prostate cancer.

I don’t know about other people, but whenever I eat a large amount of raw vegetables, it just does not sit well in my stomach as over-consumption of raw vegetables can create digestive problems for some.

Despite the negatives, it doesn’t detract from the fact that raw food weight loss is very possible.

Everyone has to make their own decisions of course, but personally I know I would never enjoy or benefit from an “all raw food diet”. I think it makes far more sense to steam, bake or lightly saute’ vegetables rather than eat them raw all the time.

I’m 5′ 10″ and about 155 pounds at 60 years old, and when I was 25 I was 150 pounds. I think the biggest factor is that since I was in my late twenties I have embraced fitness as a way of living so my body weight was pretty well been the same all my life.

To me it seems this is the key to making any diet work better for you. It simply makes more sense to include fitness as a way of life and then most diets will be more successful including raw food weight loss if it is a method you choose to try.


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