Running Tips For Active People

There are several running tips for active people it pays to be aware of.

Running with abandon can result in injury and as a result, your running career could end up being very short.

When you venture out on those first few runs it can seem pretty daunting(and sometimes painful)as muscles, joints, and cardiovascular system get used to these new demands being asked of them.

As you progress you will begin to get fitter and running can soon become more of a pleasure and you will find yourself looking forward to that next run.

For many people it becomes a “good” addiction and before long they want to go further and faster as they embrace their new-found fitness and the runner’s high they find themselves looking forward to.


Unfortunately it is in the first few weeks or months of training where many people end up injured and in some cases give up on running with the mistaken idea that running is something they simply are not capable of because they always seem to get injured.

What happens in many cases is that novice runner’s try and do too much too soon as they become swept up in their new-found sport.

Many people who begin running in earnest for the first time may have weight to lose and may have to slowly develop their strength and conditioning. It’s counter-productive to try and rush your body to get used to running faster or further without building up your strength and endurance first.


This is a great strategy if you are new to running, have weight to lose, or are just beginning to work yourself into shape.

Put those running shoes on and hit the road or pathway beside the river and power walk for 10 or 15 minutes and then run easily for 2 or 3 minutes and repeat. As the days go by, you can decrease the amount of time you walk and increase the amount of time you run.

As time passes you will eventually find yourself walking for 2 or 3 minutes and running for 10 or 15. This makes much more sense than becoming over-enthusiastic and pushing your body before it’s ready. Of course you set up the times according to your current running ability and level of fitness as everyone is different.

A good rule of thumb it that if it is not enjoyable and seems too hard, then you are probably trying to do too much.

In the months to follow you will become more efficient and will find yourself running the entire workout. The best part is that you will have a far better chance of avoiding the injuries that often plague those new to running who let their enthusiasm over-take their ability.


There is simply no way to rush endurance. It’s like putting money in a savings account. The interest builds and the pay-off is collected down the road.

If you are just getting into triathlon and running is something you have to really work on, it’s important to look at the big picture.

Your big event will be waiting for you. There is no need, nor is it wise, to do too much too soon. If your big event is 6 months or a year down the road, then build up to that day slowly and leave the longer runs for later when you have given your body time to adjust to the demands you are placing on it.

Endurance builds up over the months and years and not over days and weeks. Often marathoners will not have their best effort for three or four years as their endurance slowly builds over time.

One of the best features of triathlon is that you get to cover the course at your own speed. You are not obligated to “run” the entire run course. You can employ the same “walk-run” method you use in training and as you progress in your triathlon career you will be able to run more and more and walk less.

Always keep in mind that you are doing something very special for yourself as you endeavor to get fit and it’s not so much about how fast you get there, but rather the fact that you are headed in the right direction and the rewards are well worth the effort you put forward.

Tell us about about what worries you most about taking up serious running for the very first time.


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