Running To Lose Weight


One of the great things when you decide to run is that running to lose weight comes naturally. It’s just one of the many benefits of running.

It happens over and over again. People with a weight problem have their minds made up to do something about it and often their choice is running to lose weight.

Sure it’s hard at first, but they stick with it and one day they notice the pounds starting to disappear. Not only that, they begin to feel better, look better, and suddenly have a lot more self-esteem.

Before they know it they are running more and more and soon they begin to look forward to their next run.

They begin to run farther and farther and in many cases, faster and faster. The more they run, the more weight they lose, and the more they lose, the more they run.

They have discovered that not only can they reduce their weight running, but they can also really enjoy doing it and in many cases develop an entirely new way of life.

Some even enter their very first short race and love it. Soon they are completely hooked and running becomes their passion.

running to lose weight

Group running is great if you all run the same speed

As the years pass they might even decide to run a marathon and before you know it they learn how to swim and become triathletes. Some even go on to take on the challenge of the Ironman Triathlon.

To think that all this started with a desire to lose some weight.

So yes, you can do something about your weight problem by running, but people should also be aware that there are so many other healthy benefits that come from embracing running and making fitness a regular part of their life forever.

All things being equal they will become healthier, enjoy life more and most likely live a longer more enjoyable life.

Over the years I have met many people who actually had all the best intentions of running to lose weight or to in some way improve their fitness level in the beginning.

running to lose weight

Often runners become triathletes.

Soon they began to realize the other benefits of running and what first began as a way to lose weight became a passion and a new way of life.

In a way running is a (positive) addiction that feeds on itself. The more a person runs, the fitter they become and the better they feel. The better they feel, the more they run.

For some, it becomes a healthier more vibrant way of life that they never want to give up and what first began as running to lose weight soon took on an entirely new dimension.

There always seems to be an underlying fear that it would be easy to slip back into the unhealthy lifestyle of the past if one wanders from the path of fitness and the healthy lifestyle they have found.

Your best option is to continue running to lose weight at a pace that suits you best.

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