Sportiiiis Heads-Up Display system: The ultimate training partner

The Sportiiiis Heads-Up Display system: The ultimate training partner the cutting-edge of technology and is an invaluable asset for the athletes of the world who want to get the most out of their training and racing.

So what exactly is Sportiiiis?

Think of Sportiiiis as a control center that helps you the athlete monitor the functions that are vital to optimum performance.


Almost any triathlete has a story to tell about a near miss or crash on one of their bike training rides.

A wayward rock or twig, a pot-hole, or any kind of debris in a cyclists path is all it takes to lose control of a bike but with Sportiiis you never have to take your eyes off the road to check out your bike computer or heart-rate monitor.

Your training buddy will do all that for you. Sportiiiis will tell you when you are below, above, or right on your target work-out zone with a series of multi-colored LEDs that are strategically placed in your peripheral vision.

 heads-up display system by sportiiiis

Sportiiiis will ensure you are in your optimum heart-rate target zone.

A green LED means you reached your heart-rate target zone. Yellow, orange, and red LEDs to the left and right of your optimum target zone will indicate if you are too far below or above where you want to be.

Sportiiiis is also capable of display profiles for POWER, CADENCE, and SPEED and all of these are important considerations when it comes to getting the most out of training sessions or races.


Ever wonder why so many marathoners run into the mystical “wall” over and over again at about the same point in a marathon?

It’s mostly because they get caught up in the energy-charged atmosphere of race day and run far beyond their level of ability and in the process are burning through their limited stores of glycogen far too soon and it invariably leads to glycogen depletion about 18 or 20 miles into the marathon.

By training and racing within your fat-burning zone glycogen stores can be conserved and abundant supplies(probably enough to run five marathons)is used and a date with the “wall” is avoided and when others are walking, you are running.

This is where Sportiiiis comes in. Not only will the series of LEDs help keep you running in your optimum fat-burning zone you can also get a friendly audible cue reminder from the Sportiiiis Tip-Tap technology.

For example if you are running uphill and the LEDs to the right of green begin to flash yellow, orange, or red it is a signal to slow down. If you are running downhill and the LEDs to the left of green flash yellow, orange, or red Sportiiiis is telling you it’s okay to speed up and take advantage of easier downhill running as you are falling below your preset target range.

If you tap the side of the unit a friendly voice will tell you exactly what your heart-rate is and you will know exactly how much to speed up or slow down.

sportiiiis boom with LEDs fits most glasses

Sportiiiis attaches to virtually any pair of glasses.

Whether you are run training or in the middle of a marathon you will never have to look down at your wrist again. You will be able to focus all your attention on what is happening around you.


Sportiiiis attaches to virtually any pair of glasses.

Using the Mac, PC or Smartphone software, the LEDs can be programmed to visually respond to data from ANT+ devices.

For example, when paired with a heart rate strap, you can create a custom setup for how the LEDs will respond to your heart rate. This workout program is then downloaded to the Sportiiiis unit.


Unit dimensions, LxWxH:..............12.7 x 1.5 x 2 cm
Battery:.............................rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life:........................9 hours, typical
Battery charge time:.................75 minutes (fully discharged)
Operating temperature:...............-20°C to +60°C 

-Multi-colored LED boom provides instant visual feedback of critical workout and racing data (Heart Rate, Cadence, Power, Speed, Pace, and other ANT+ compatible data).

-Lightweight unit (<10g) with adjustable boom easily attaches to virtually any pair of glasses.

-LED boom is positioned in your secondary vision, guiding you to your target zone while eliminating the need to take your eyes off the road.

-Built-in speaker provides spoken audio prompts with detailed levels of performance
TipTap™ technology allows changing between paird sensors and receiving audible zone updates by simply tapping on the unit.

-Intuitive software enables you to create personalized zone profiles.

By using Sportiiiis monitoring your race/workout data has never been easier – or safer.

Purchase this cutting edge technology and get the most out of your training and racing.4iiii VISUAL INTUITION

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