It would be more beneficial if sprint triathlon training was centered more on learning proper technique.

This is especially important in the swim and bike where proper technique is vital to optimum performance.

Learning all about the triathlon equipment that best suits your needs and budget is also important in the early days of your exposure to the sport. This way you will fully prepared should you decide to tackle longer triathlons one day.


The sprint triathlon is a great opportunity to learn the basics of the sport because the distances you will be racing are quite short.

sprint triathlon training

This means that it won’t be necessary to spend hours and hours in sprint triathlon training in order to build up endurance.

That will come when you begin to stretch out the Ironman distances should you decide to try a longer race in the future.


The first thing you want to learn about the swim is all about the swim equipment you will need.

Learning proper swim technique would be your next stop.

That’s assuming of course that swimming is new to you, but even if it’s not entirely new it wouldn’t hurt refine your swim stroke.

It’s great to be able to swim, but learning about the basic-swimming-strokes that will help you save energy. On race-day this is an important consideration.

It’s always best to get into good swimming habits early as your muscles have memory. If you begin swimming with a stroke that is not efficient you will repeat that same poor stroke over and over.

Nothing will change until you break the cycle and re-train your muscles to swim the right way. It’s always best get the swimming basics right the first time.


Often the most confusing thing for the new triathlete is trying to figure out what type of bike they should get.

First of all there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on your first triathlon bike. It’s important to remember that there are cheap triathlon bikes available if you know where to look.

If you are just starting out in triathlon than you will do just as well with a $300 used bike as you will with a $5000 new bike.

sprint triathlon training

Learn proper downhill technique

If you are anxious to begin your sprint triathlon training but happen to live in an area where it’s difficult to get out on your bike than you might consider getting yourself a bicycle indoor training stand.

This way you can work on your bike technique in front of the television if you want.

However keep in mind that you should get outside a few times at least. This will enable you to work on things like balance, uphills and downhills, and cornering.


No triathlon distance training, including sprint triathlon training is too short to learn what you can about proper nutrition.

The longer the distances you race the more important proper nutrition becomes. A well thought out nutrition plan is vitally important to your endurance and recovery.

It’s best to learn as much about proper triathlon diet as you can. Most people have heard the terms fats, proteins, and carbohydrates when it comes to diet.

The problem is that they’re not really sure of the difference between good and bad choices.

Learning what you can about athletes, diet, and endurance and how they all work together would really benefit your sprint triathlon training. This knowledge would have even more of an impact once you decide get into the longer distance triathlons.


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