Stay dangerous and be a senior Ironman triathlete

If you’re facing retirement from the working life and looking for something to do with all that spare time perhaps you should stay dangerous and be a senior Ironman triathlete.

I read once that the worst part of becoming old is that nobody perceives you as being dangerous anymore.

Instead they see you as weak and fragile and perhaps someone easy to take advantage of in every way possible.

Seniors are perceived as easy targets to scam artists who pry on the old because often when people age they become easily confused and unsure of themselves.

It seems that the older a person gets, the more they are perceived as a nuisance to be ignored and pushed aside.

We are destined to go full circle from newborn infants who are helpless to seniors who are just as helpless unless we do something to stop aging in it’s tracks by adopting a lifestyle that promotes not just longevity, but vibrant longevity.

If you stay sharp physically, chances are you will stay just as sharp mentally as overall fitness promotes mental acuity as well.

stay dangerous and be an ironman triathlete

Sister Madonna in action.

As long as you have a sense of purpose and continue to challenge yourself, the ravages of old age will be pushed to the back-burner.

If you stop moving forward and instead choose to embrace a sedentary lifestyle as you reach the golden years it’s almost a certainty that your body will react in kind.

Why should it replace old muscle tissue, encourage invigorating blood flow to every corner of your body, keep your heart beating strongly or stay mentally sharp and alert for you if you are not challenging it to do so?

The human body is a remarkable creation and is genetically geared to ascertain physical and mental demands of everyday life.

It has no choice but to respond positively to the life force and spirit emanating from the challenging, invigorating path you have chosen to pursue if you embrace the active life of a triathlete.

stay dangerous and be an ironman triathlete

Oh yeah! Stay dangerous. Just try taking advantage of this amazing senior.

The Ironman Triathlon has come a long way since it’s inception and one of the most startling statistics that has transpired over the years is the number of people around the world who are over 60 years old and taking on the Ironman challenge.

Look no further than the Ironman Hawaii 2013 results where senior triathletes put on a remarkable show that should serve as inspiration to anyone who thinks they are too old to become a triathlete.

Weak and vulnerable?

Hell no!

Get out of the way or you might just get run over by a buff senior on a tricked out Cervelo.


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