Ironman Hawaii World Championship Results 2016

Spectacular performances sure to highlight Ironman Hawaii World Championship Results 2016.


The winners of Ironman Hawaii 2015 were Jan Frodeno of Germany and Daniela Ryf of Switzerland with times of 8:14:40 and 8:57:57 respectively.

Both would be on hand to defend the titles they won last year.

However, it’s become very hard to repeat in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship. The Ironman landscape is much different than it was in the days of Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Natascha Badmann, and Paula Newbie-Fraser.

Paula Newbie-Fraser who won Hawaii in 1986, 1988–1989, 1991–1994, and 1996 became known as “The Queen of Kona”.

Between the four of them, Scott, Allen, Badmann and Newby-Fraser won in Kona twenty-six times. That is truly astounding, but it also show how the playing field has leveled in recent years.

Today there are so many top caliber pro triathletes that probably a dozen pro men and women are capable of winning any given year if the Iron Gods shine down on them on race day. However there is no doubt that Frodeno and Ryf have the credentials to top the podium again in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship results 2016.

As the gun sounded to begin the 2016 Ironman it seemed that this might be a year that sees Canadian pros in both male and female categories being podium contenders in Kona.

Both Lionel Sanders and Brent McMahon would have to improve over their 2015 performances in order to keep pace with the always tough European pros. It would be no surprise to see at least one of these men challenging for the podium once the lava dust settles on the Queen K. Highway.

Both Lionel Sanders and Heather Wurtele won the Ironman 70.3 North American Championship 2016.

There are two outcomes that appear certain.

….Jodie Swallow will be among the first female pros out of the water.
….There will be German European pros somewhere on the podium for the men and women.


Aernouts, Bart
Albert, Marko
Amorelli, Igor
Baertsch, Mauro
Billard, Bertrand
Bittner, Per
Boecherer, Andi
Bozzone, Terenzo
Bracht, Timo
Buckingham, Kyle
Butterfield, Tyler
Carvalho, Fabio
Chevrot, Denis
Clarke, William
Collington, Kevin
Cunnama, James
Degasperi, Alessandro
Dellow, David
Don, Tim
Frodeno, Jan
Gomes, Pedro
Hoffman, Ben
Jacobs, Pete
Kienle, Sebastian
Kotsegarov, Kirill
Kramer, Christian
Lange, Patrick
Llanos, Eneko
Matthews, Paul
McKenzie, Luke
McMahon, Brent
McNamee, David
Millward, Callum
O'Donnell, Tim
Petersen-Bach, Jens
Plese, David
Potts, Andy
Raelert, Andreas
Rana, Ivan
Rapp, Jordan
Reed, Tim
Russell, Matt
Sanders, Lionel
Schildknecht, Ronnie
Schmid, Stefan
Skipper, Joe
Stein, Boris
Thomas, Jesse
Thomschke, Markus
Van Berkel, Jan
Van Berkel, Timothy
Van Lierde, Frederik
Viennot, Cyril
Vistica, Andrej
Weiss, Michael
Wild, Ruedi
Wiltshire, Harry
Wurtele, Trevor


Harry Wiltshire of Great Britain led a huge group of pro men to the swim finish. Wiltshire posted a time of 48:00. Ruedi Wild of Switzerland was 25th in 48:59, so just 59 seconds separated the top 25 pro men as they began their journey for their place in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship results 2016.

In past races a large group also stayed in close contact on the 112-mile course with nobody making a large break at the head of the field. In other words, it was left to the 26.2 marathon to decide who would stand on the podium in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship results 2016.


Wiltshire, Harry	GBR	00:48:00
Frodeno, Jan     	DEU	00:48:02
Potts, Andy      	USA	00:48:02
Matthews, Paul    	AUS	00:48:03
Albert, Marko           EST	00:48:04
Chevrot, Denis   	FRA	00:48:05
McMahon, Brent   	CAN	00:48:06
McNamee, David    	GBR	00:48:06
Amorelli, Igor    	BRA	00:48:08
Boecherer, Andi   	AFG	00:48:10
O'Donnell, Tim    	USA	00:48:12
Don, Tim        	GBR	00:48:15
Bozzone, Terenzo    	NZL	00:48:42
Raelert, Andreas     	DEU	00:48:46
Van Lierde, Frederik	BEL	00:48:49
Kramer, Christian	DEU	00:48:49
Cunnama, James    	ZAF	00:48:52
Rana, Ivan      	ESP	00:48:52
Hoffman, Ben      	USA	00:48:55
Llanos, Eneko    	ESP	00:48:56
McKenzie, Luke    	AUS	00:48:56
Van Berkel, Timothy	AUS	00:48:57
Lange, Patrick    	DEU	00:48:57
Dellow, David     	AUS	00:48:58
Wild, Ruedi     	CHE	00:48:59
Reed, Tim        	AUS	00:49:03
Bracht, Timo     	DEU	00:50:06
Butterfield, Tyler	BMU	00:50:07
Collington, Kevin	USA	00:50:12
Carvalho, Fabio   	BRA	00:50:45
Degasperi, Alessandro	ITA	00:50:46
Van Berkel, Jan    	CHE	00:50:55
Buckingham, Kyle	ZAF	00:52:17
Viennot, Cyril    	FRA	00:52:19
Billard, Bertrand	FRA	00:52:22
Clarke, William   	GBR	00:52:26
Bittner, Per    	DEU	00:52:26
Kienle, Sebastian	DEU	00:52:27
Gomes, Pedro    	PRT	00:52:28
Petersen-Bach, Jens	DNK	00:52:29
Thomas, Jesse    	USA	00:52:30
Millward, Callum	NZL	00:52:30
Plese, David      	SVN	00:52:33
Rapp, Jordan     	USA	00:52:34
Wurtele, Trevor    	CAN	00:53:36
Schmid, Stefan   	DEU	00:53:52
Schildknecht, Ronnie	CHE	00:53:55
Aernouts, Bart    	BEL	00:53:58
Russell, Matt    	USA	00:54:02
Weiss, Michael   	AUT	00:54:03
Baertsch, Mauro   	CHE	00:54:07
Stein, Boris     	DEU	00:54:10
Skipper, Joe    	GBR	00:54:11
Kotsegarov, Kirill	EST	00:54:13
Sanders, Lionel   	CAN	00:56:41
Thomschke, Markus	DEU	00:56:43
Vistica, Andrej   	HRV	00:57:02

Early on in the bike it was a big pack leading the way as expected and it resulted in the same problem as recent Ironman Hawaii races.

Before the bike was a third over Van Lierde, Raelert, Lange, McMahon were all serving penalties for drafting.

Boecherer had the early lead for the pro men. At about the forty mile mark Michael Weiss and Lionel Sanders were just over a minute behind the leaders.

At the Hawi turn at the top of the climb it was Sebastien Kienle in the lead followed by Boecherer, Weiss, O’Donnell and McKenzie.

Lionel Sanders of Canada made the turn 3:01 off the lead. In just 60 miles he made up over five minutes of his swim time deficit as he begins his drive for a podium spot in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship results 2016.

This is the part where most first time Ironman triathletes begin the descent from Hawi thinking the wind will be at their back. It never is. It comes at you from all angles.

Tyler Butterfield is serving a penalty.

Kienle and Stein were leading the way in the late stages of the bike. Frodeno, Weiss, Plese, and Sanders were all in the mix as they neared transition two.

Kienle and Frodeno were the two fastest out of transition. Lionel Sanders posted the fourth fastest bike split of the day to remain in the mix but had almost seven minutes to make up on the leaders. Brent McMahon was ten minutes back despite taking a penalty time out for drafting.


Kienle, Sebastian	00:52:27	04:23:55
Boecherer, Andi   	00:48:10	04:28:07
Frodeno, Jan      	00:48:02	04:29:00
McKenzie, Luke    	00:48:56	04:27:55
Hoffman, Ben      	00:48:55	04:28:06
Stein, Boris    	00:54:10	04:23:04
O'Donnell, Tim     	00:48:12	04:29:10
Llanos, Eneko     	00:48:56	05:21:51
Weiss, Michael     	00:54:03	05:22:18
Bozzone, Terenzo	00:48:42	05:23:28
Albert, Marko     	00:48:04	05:23:33
Amorelli, Igor     	00:48:08	04:34:44
Sanders, Lionel    	00:56:41	04:26:35
Potts, Andy     	00:48:02	04:35:46
Plese, David     	00:52:33	04:31:05
Van Lierde, Frederik	00:48:49	04:35:33
Viennot, Cyril    	00:52:19	04:33:47
Wild, Ruedi       	00:48:59	04:37:41
Kramer, Christian	00:48:49	04:37:40
Thomas, Jesse           00:52:30	04:34:13
Aernouts, Bart    	00:53:58	04:32:37
Lange, Patrick          00:48:57	04:37:49
McMahon, Brent    	00:48:06	04:38:49
Buckingham, Kyle	00:52:17	04:34:37
Russell, Matt    	00:54:02	04:33:08
Rana, Ivan       	00:48:52	04:38:13
Cunnama, James     	00:48:52	04:38:33
Dellow, David     	00:48:58	04:38:36
Rapp, Jordan     	00:52:34	04:35:03
Kotsegarov, Kirill	00:54:13	05:29:59
Schildknecht, Ronnie	00:53:55	04:35:02
Chevrot, Denis    	00:48:05	04:41:44
Gomes, Pedro     	00:52:28	04:39:08
Wurtele, Trevor   	00:53:36	04:38:40
McNamee, David    	00:48:06	04:45:36
Schmid, Stefan    	00:53:52	04:39:42
Raelert, Andreas	00:48:46	04:46:07
Van Berkel, Timothy	00:48:57	04:48:11
Butterfield, Tyler	00:50:07	04:48:20
Bracht, Timo      	00:50:06	04:48:40
Degasperi, Alessandro	00:50:46	04:48:25
Van Berkel, Jan   	00:50:55	04:48:25
Baertsch, Mauro   	00:54:07	04:46:34
Skipper, Joe     	00:54:11	04:49:58
Billard, Bertrand	00:52:22	04:53:00
Millward, Callum	00:52:30	04:53:24
Thomschke, Markus	00:56:43	04:48:56
Wiltshire, Harry	00:48:00	05:00:47
Clarke, William  	00:52:26	04:56:18
Vistica, Andrej   	00:57:02	04:52:20
Bittner, Per      	00:52:26	05:02:04
Petersen-Bach, Jens	00:52:29	05:09:09
Carvalho, Fabio   	00:50:45	05:13:33
Collington, Kevin	00:50:12	05:41:16

At the start of the marathon it was Kienle and Frodeno running side by side on Ali’i Drive on their way out of Kona.

At the halfway point of the run defending Ironman Hawaii Champion Jan Frodeno has taken a lead of about 1:30 over fellow German Sebastian Kienle.

With just eight miles to go the lead for Frodeno had grown to about three minutes as he headed back to Kona for the final time.

Four miles to go and Frodeno is cruising toward Kona.

Lange is perhaps running best of all in the late stages and passes Ben Hoffman for third place and sets his sights on Kienle who is about three minutes ahead of him. Lange is racing Kona for the first time and is coached by Speedo Guru Faris Al-Sultan.

Jan Frodeno defends his title and takes top spot on the podium in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship results 2016.


Frodeno, Jan    	08:06:30
Kienle, Sebastian	08:10:02
Lange, Patrick   	08:11:14
Hoffman, Ben      	08:13:00
Boecherer, Andi    	08:13:25
O'Donnell, Tim     	08:16:20
Stein, Boris     	08:16:56
Aernouts, Bart    	08:20:30
Rana, Ivan      	08:21:51
Van Lierde, Frederik	08:21:59
Potts, Andy     	08:25:35
Russell, Matt    	08:25:52
McNamee, David    	08:28:05
Albert, Marko    	08:28:20
Schildknecht, Ronnie	08:29:11
Thomas, Jesse    	08:29:40
Plese, David    	08:32:05
Viennot, Cyril    	08:34:50
Van Berkel, Timothy	08:35:27
Degasperi, Alessandro	08:36:58
Wild, Ruedi      	08:37:26
Kotsegarov, Kirill	08:38:00
Chevrot, Denis   	08:39:58
Dellow, David     	08:40:24
Schmid, Stefan     	08:40:40
Cunnama, James    	08:42:03
Llanos, Eneko     	08:42:25
Bracht, Timo     	08:43:37
Sanders, Lionel	        08:44:49
McMahon, Brent    	08:45:45
Kramer, Christian	08:47:02
Weiss, Michael    	08:49:54
Baertsch, Mauro    	08:54:16
Vistica, Andrej    	08:56:08
McKenzie, Luke    	08:57:35
Millward, Callum	09:06:35
Rapp, Jordan     	09:07:49
Wurtele, Trevor   	09:09:30
Billard, Bertrand	09:18:43
Wiltshire, Harry	09:24:18
Clarke, William         09:25:07
Skipper, Joe     	09:25:07
Carvalho, Fabio 	10:21:43

As far as the women go Canada’s hopes rest on Heather Wurtele and perhaps this is her moment to shine and possibly break into the top five.

Regardless of the outcome, her skill level and sheer will to win should come to the forefront in Kona. Wurtele entered last year’s race in prime condition and then had to miss most of the race due to mechanical issues on the bike course.

Wurtele came in third in the Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2016 with a time of 4:13:36. Melissa Hauschildt was second and Daniela Ryf was fourth. Hauschildt and Ryf are both main contenders in Ironman Hawaii 2016.

Michelle Vesterby has continued to improve in Ironman Hawaii and should also be a force in this race. However there is no doubt that Daniela Ryf will be tough to catch if she is on top of her game.


Badmann, Natascha
Beranek, Anja
Carfrae, Mirinda
Castro Nogueira, Saleta
Cave, Leanda
Cheetham, Susie
Corbin, Linsey
Crowley, Sarah
Deckers, Tine
Duke, Dimity-Lee
Ellis, Mary Beth
Frades, Gurutze
Gajer, Julia
Gossage, Lucy
Hauschildt, Melissa
Herlbauer, Michaela
Holst, Tine
Hufe, Mareen
Jackson, Heather
Kaye, Alicia
Kessler, Meredith
Konschak, Katja
Lehtonen, Kaisa
Lester, Carrie
Lundstrom, Asa
Luxford, Annabel
Lyles, Liz
Moeller, Kristin
Monticeli, Ariane
Pedersen, Camilla
Piampiano, Sarah
Roberts, Lisa
Robertson, Jodie
Ryf, Daniela
Saemmler, Daniela
Schmitt, Natascha
Steurer, Bianca
Swallow, Jodie
Tondeur, Alexandra
Van Vlerken, Yvonne
Vesterby, Michelle
Walter, Verena
Wassner, Laurel
Wurtele, Heather


For the pro women it was Meredith Kessler leading the way with Jody Swallow one second behind. A group of twelve pro women finished the swim between 52:46 and 52:59.

Kessler, Meredith	USA	00:52:46
Swallow, Jodie    	GBR	00:52:47
Cave, Leanda     	GBR	00:52:47
Luxford, Annabel	AUS	00:52:48
Kaye, Alicia      	USA	00:52:49
Ryf, Daniela     	CHE	00:52:50
Pedersen, Camilla	DNK	00:52:50
Beranek, Anja      	DEU	00:52:51
Wassner, Laurel    	USA	00:52:52
Vesterby, Michelle	DNK	00:52:53
Konschak, Katja   	DEU	00:52:55
Gajer, Julia     	DEU	00:52:59
Lester, Carrie    	AUS	00:56:40
Wurtele, Heather	CAN	00:56:43
Carfrae, Mirinda	AUS	00:56:44
Castro Nogueira,Saleta  ESP	00:58:09
Cheetham, Susie    	GBR	00:58:12
Herlbauer, Michaela     AUT	00:58:22
Van Vlerken, Yvonne	NLD	00:58:51
Hauschildt, Melissa	AUS	00:58:54
Lehtonen, Kaisa	        FIN	00:58:55
Jackson, Heather	USA	00:58:56
Crowley, Sarah   	AUS	00:58:58
Saemmler, Daniela	DEU	00:58:58
Deckers, Tine   	BEL	00:59:01
Lyles, Liz       	USA	00:59:05
Duke, Dimity-Lee	AUS	01:01:49
Corbin, Linsey    	USA	01:01:52
Tondeur, Alexandra	BEL	01:01:52
Gossage, Lucy    	GBR	01:01:57
Walter, Verena    	DEU	01:01:57
Steurer, Bianca   	AUT	01:01:59
Lundstrom, Asa    	SWE	01:02:04
Piampiano, Sarah	USA	01:02:42
Frades, Gurutze    	ESP	01:02:48
Monticeli, Ariane	BRA	01:04:32
Roberts, Lisa   	USA	01:05:04
Robertson, Jodie	USA	01:05:09
Holst, Tine      	DNK	01:05:12
Moeller, Kristin	DEU	01:05:13
Badmann, Natascha	CHE	01:05:13

At about the thirty mile mark Daniela Ryf was in the lead in search of a repeat and top spot on the podium in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship results 2016. Alicia Kaye was second, and Beranek in third.

Four minutes back of the leaders in the women’s race leading a pack is Wassner, Wurtele, Carfrae, Van Vlerken, Jackson, Hauschildt. Your winner could come from this group.

For a time it was Mirinda Carfrae and Heather Wurtele riding together as they continued the chase behind Ryf and her group at the front until Wurtele fell off the pace.

At mile 75 the pro women were being led by defending champion Ryf. Then it was Beranek, Kessler, Vesterby, Luxford, and Kaye.

Daniela Ryf leaves bike/run transition with a big lead and is on course to top the podium in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship results 2016 and defend her title.


Ryf, Daniela     	00:52:50	04:52:26
Beranek, Anja    	00:52:51	05:55:34
Jackson, Heather	00:58:56	05:00:31
Luxford, Annabel	00:52:48	05:06:46
Kessler, Meredith	00:52:46	05:07:45
Ellis, Mary Beth	00:00:00	05:07:30
Vesterby, Michelle	00:52:53	05:09:05
Swallow, Jodie   	00:52:47	05:09:05
Hauschildt, Melissa	00:58:54	05:05:21
Pedersen, Camilla	00:52:50	05:13:05
Kaye, Alicia     	00:52:49	05:12:54
Lehtonen, Kaisa    	00:58:55	05:08:54
Carfrae, Mirinda	00:56:44	05:10:54
Lester, Carrie   	00:56:40	05:10:50
Van Vlerken, Yvonne	00:58:51	05:09:10
Deckers, Tine    	00:59:01	05:09:06
Wurtele, Heather	00:56:43	05:11:23
Gossage, Lucy    	01:01:57	05:06:01
Piampiano, Sarah	01:02:42	05:07:29
Cave, Leanda     	00:52:47	05:18:34
Lundstrom, Asa    	01:02:04	05:09:46
Crowley, Sarah    	00:58:58	05:13:54
Gajer, Julia     	00:52:59	05:19:50
Corbin, Linsey     	01:01:52	06:16:17
Saemmler, Daniela	00:58:58	06:17:12
Lyles, Liz       	00:59:05	05:17:46
Duke, Dimity-Lee	01:01:49	05:15:21
Herlbauer, Michaela	00:58:22	05:22:22
Wassner, Laurel   	00:52:52	05:29:15
Walter, Verena    	01:01:57	05:20:15
Tondeur, Alexandra	01:01:52	05:22:24
Holst, Tine       	01:05:12	05:22:12
Badmann, Natascha	01:05:13	05:22:25
Frades, Gurutze   	01:02:48	05:25:31
Konschak, Katja   	00:52:55	05:35:59
Robertson, Jodie	01:05:09	05:23:45
Monticeli, Ariane	01:04:32	05:25:20
Roberts, Lisa    	01:05:04	05:25:50
Steurer, Bianca   	01:01:59	05:29:11
Castro Nogueira, Saleta	00:58:09	05:41:14
Moeller, Kristin	01:05:13	05:49:30

In the first stages of the run it’s Ryf, Beranek, and Jackson. Some things never change from year to year. Frodeno is leading, Ryf is leading, and somewhere out there I’m sure Michelle Vesterby is smiling.

Nearing the marathon halfway mark its Ryf, Beranek, Jackson, Swallow, and Carfrae.

At the twenty mile mark it was Daniela Ryf, Heather Jackson, Miranda Carfrae taking over third, Anja Beranek, Kaisa Lehtonen, Michelle Vesterby, Jodie Swallow, and Asa Lundstrom. Check that….Carfrae just passed Jackson and is in second spot.

Daniela Ryf also defends her title and crosses the finish line first in the Ironman Hawaii World Championship results 2016. Her time of 8:46:46 is a new course record.


Ryf, Daniela    	08:46:46
Carfrae, Mirinda	09:10:30
Jackson, Heather	09:11:32
Beranek, Anja    	09:14:26
Lehtonen, Kaisa   	09:15:40
Vesterby, Michelle	09:19:05
Piampiano, Sarah	09:22:31
Lundstrom, Asa    	09:22:59
Gossage, Lucy     	09:25:57
Lester, Carrie    	09:28:17
Pedersen, Camilla	09:31:15
Wurtele, Heather	09:32:51
Corbin, Linsey   	09:33:51
Ellis, Mary Beth	09:38:52
Crowley, Sarah   	09:42:34
Roberts, Lisa    	09:43:11
Duke, Dimity-Lee	09:44:03
Herlbauer, Michaela	09:44:36
Tondeur, Alexandra	09:46:49
Robertson, Jodie	09:48:20
Holst, Tine      	09:48:43
Swallow, Jodie	        09:49:22
Kaye, Alicia     	09:51:25
Wassner, Laurel   	09:52:08
Lyles, Liz       	09:56:31
Moeller, Kristin	09:58:25
Walter, Verena   	10:01:01
Steurer, Bianca   	10:03:22
Cave, Leanda     	10:06:44
Monticeli, Ariane	10:09:15
Konschak, Katja  	10:15:52
Castro Nogueira, Saleta	10:17:50
Frades, Gurutze  	10:18:46
Badmann, Natascha	10:20:00
Kessler, Meredith	10:25:17
Saemmler, Daniela	10:34:26

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