Roth Challenge results 2011

A sensational list of pros race for podium in Roth Challenge results 2011.

The Roth Challenge is in it’s tenth year and it’s hard to believe, but over 5,200 triathletes are registered for this years race.

Of course that includes many, many relay teams, but just the same it is great to see so many people excited about the sport of triathlon and it should be a great day of racing.

Roth has always been a triathlon crazy area and always draws many of the best pros in the world. There is sure to be plenty of fireworks before a winner is declared in both the male and female pro categories.

It should be noted that there are 3,300 individual starters and 640 teams registered for the race.

That amount of individual entries is what is also anticipated for Ironman Canada 2011 at the end of August.


Of course Chrissie Wellington is the favorite for the women. It’s hard not to be after her world-record breaking performance on this very course last year.

She finished seventh over-all last year with a stunning time of 8:19:13.

It’s getting to be more about not whether Chrissie Wellington will win or not, but if she will manage to keep on setting higher long course standards.

The Roth Challenge is not new to Chrissie and she set a new course record here last year.

Roth Challenge results 2011

Chrissie Wellington at the Challenge Roth finish line.

If she were to have a bad day there are several other great women pros in the field who will challenge for the top of the Roth Challenge results 2011.

Wellington will face a women’s field that includes Australia’s Rebekah Keat, Aussie Belinda Granger, and the new German star Julia Wagner.

For the men it looked like it might be a battle between Sebastian Kienle, who came second here last year in his long-course debut, and German Andreas Raelert.

Andreas certainly went in with all the credentials to have a shot at the course record set by Luc van Lierde in 1997.

Andreas was the winner of Ironman Frankfurt last year and a close second at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii behind winner Chris McCormack.


From the outset it was pretty clear that Andreas Raelert was in great form as he led the way out of the water with a time of 46:18.

From that point on, he would never be headed in the race. It’s pretty hard to do when someone follows that swim up with a 4:11:43 bike split.

Sebastian Kienle gave it a good try with his 4:12 bike, but that’s as close as he would get.

Andreas Raelert went on to run a mind-boggling 2:40:52 marathon split and in the process set a new long course record of 7:41:33!


Andreas Raelert.......(46:18/4:11:43/2:40:52) 7:41:33  
Sebastian Kienle......(49:58/4:12:46/2:52:02) 7:57:06
Keegan Williams.......(51:32/4:26:23/2:54:52) 8:16:01
Felix Schumann........(49:38/4:31:11/2:53:49) 8:18:05
Christian Ritter......(46:15/4:30:31/2:59:02) 8:18:40
Andrej Vistica........(53:18/4:29:15/2:52:54) 8:19:19
Gilad  Rotem..........(49:43/4:32:10/2:55:24) 8:20:11
Lothar Leder..........(49:53/4:28:03/3:00:15) 8:22:00
Andriy Yastrebov......(53:29/4:35:56/2:51:10) 8:24:34
Andreas Borch.........(46:39/4:31:29/3:04:43) 8:25:38

Chrissie Wellington sets new course record time in her 3rd start and third win and tops the Roth Challenge results 2011 with a new long course record of 8:18:13.

It was Chrissie against the clock as she led from start to finish.

It’s incredible how far the sport of triathlon has come when you consider the very first Ironman races were won in around the 12 hour mark until the Dave Scott era began.

Who knows, maybe one day someone will do a 7:30 ironman.

It’s right up there in the stratosphere with the 2-hour marathon and is most likely stretching the envelope a bit.

But who knows what will happen in the coming years with new training methods, and faster, lighter bikes being designed all the time.

It seems like every year there are extraordinary athletes taking up the sport of triathlon.

There is no way of knowing how many up and coming pros there are out there who will be even faster than Adreas Raelert and Chrisse Wellington.

This is especially true as more and more kids are becoming involved in the sport at a very young age.


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