Teen weight loss


The best to realize teen weight loss is to eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis.

It’s no surprise that teen(and pre-teen) obesity has become such a huge issue across North America. There’s no doubt that teen weight loss on a huge scale just has to be addressed.

An entire generation has been born into an environment of high technology that includes cell-phones, personal-computers, I-pods, lap-tops, computer games and many other diversions that has pushed health and fitness to the sidelines of their lives.

Combine that with easy access to fast food and over-all terrible eating habits and a lack of knowledge as far as good food choices and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

Actually, the disaster isn’t waiting to happen–it’s happening now and even many pre-teens are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It certainly is time for teen weight loss ideas that work.

Teen weight loss is essential as it involves so much more than the many physical problems that arise. Teens who deal with obesity issues also encounter many emotional problems as well.
teen weight loss
They often develop low self-esteem and in the process feel left out on many levels. They often have few friends, and are seldom involved with dating.

Often low self-esteem results in poor grades in school as well. Worst of all, the medical issues that arise can haunt them for years to come.

It should not be happening and teens with obesity issues should not place all the blame on themselves. Much of the cause is simply from the environment they have been born into.

That being said, teens can take control of their lives and their destiny any time they put their minds to it. Lets face it.

It’s your life and change might never happen if you wait for someone else to solve the problem for you.

Teen weight loss is very possible by remembering a few basic fundamentals and putting them into action.

You are the boss of your body. It can only work with the fuel you feed it and if you give it poor fuel, it will not function at it’s best.

teen weight loss

Triathlon is for everyone

If you ask your body to “work” then it will. It might rebel at first but it will eventually adapt to what you ask it to do. If it needs to grow bigger muscles and get stronger because of what you are doing on a physical level then it will.

If you are not active physically, then it will not see any need to improve and get stronger and more toned. Your muscles will get soft and your body will store fat instead of burning it.

So…..the key to teen weight loss is to begin to pay close attention to what type of fuel you are putting into your body and at the same time embrace regular fitness as a way of life.

Eat healthy food and take breaks from your computer and go for a swim, a bike, or a run on a regular basis. Start out slow and soon you will see your body respond.

Workout at least three days a week and take rest days in between. Try 20 minutes or half and hour of fitness at first and then increase the amount of time and amount of days you exercise as you get stronger.
teen weight loss
You will start to feel better, look better, and your entire life will improve. It will take persistence and don’t count on super quick weight loss, but it “will” happen if you stay with it.

Every small victory will inspire you and build your self-esteem and will make you want to continue on this healthier path that will change the course of your entire life.

With self-esteem comes a positive self-image and more confidence and other people will pick up on that. You will have more friends, go out on dates, and most likely do better in school. Best of all, you will be healthier and you will be getting your life back on course.

If you don’t think you are an athlete and couldn’t even imagine making a school team, then become a triathlete.

There are amazing programs for pre-teens and teens and you just go out and have fun and get fit. Almost every kid knows how to ride a bike, has a swim-suit, and a pair of running shoes.

There….that’s your basic equipment for a triathlon.

You don’t have to please a coach or team-mates or make the team. YOU are the team and you just go out and have fun and get fit and do the best you can.

Plus you can learn great skills. So many adults can’t swim. Just think…you can learn how to swim now and you will have that skill for the rest of your life and can be a triathlete for the rest of your life if you want.

In Canada there is a program called “Kids of Steel.”

teen weight loss

Triathlon can be fun

It’s an amazing triathlon program for kids and as they get older they swim, bike, and run a little bit further.

Simon Whitfield was a kid of steel and now he has a gold and silver medal from the Olympic triathlon. So you can have fun or one day you can even be the best in the world.

At the same time you will be fit and body weight will no longer be an issue as you will be burning the calories that you consume.

Eat healthy, stay fit, and be strong.

That is the road to a new, improvedYOU!


Read what Web MD has to say about teen fitness.

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