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Here is a look at just a few of the IronStruck books Testimonials that have been sent to me over the years.

These people come from countries all over the world and from all walks of life. The two things they all have in common is the desire to do something truly remarkable and in their journey they all somehow managed to stumble onto IronStruck.

Ironstruck…The Ironman Triathlon Journey


This review is from: IRONSTRUCK … The Ironman Triathlon Journey (Paperback)Amazon UK
I love this book. I’ve had it (and a few other Ironman books) for a few months and only picked it up to read in the last couple of weeks. Wow, what a fabulous book. Ray really gets into the soul of Ironman racing and it’s an absolute must for anybody embarking on their first ironman journey and equally for those contemplating the long training journey, whether it’s this year, next year or at some point in their life. It’s inspirational and I found myself reading through misty eyes as I could relate to the pain and joy of each step of the journey. The “Do’s and Don’ts” are excellent, the helpful insight to the swim and the inspiring “Ironman Bubble” will give any ironman novice that extra bit of confidence to realise their dream. It’s my first ironman this year; I’ll be racing in Switzerland in July – this book will accompany me everywhere over the next few weeks and will be my bible right up until Race Morning. A wonderful book. An absolute MUST BUY for the novice and seasoned Ironman athlete everywhere.

Elinor, Swakopmund, Namibia, 39.
Within a year I went from fat to fit enough to complete Ironman South Africa in 16h12 mins and 39 seconds enjoying every minute of it. I gave up smoking and my whole outlook on life changed. Once you’ve done an Ironman, you can do anything!! I didn’t loose a whole lot of weight – was refueling too much, but stumbling into your site “Ironstruck” changed my life forever. Thanks, so much!

2012, Debbie, Canada
Hi Ray, I was excited to see your website. I met you in 2010 in Kelowna at the Apple Tri and I bought your book “Ironstruck”. At that time I thought “I will never do an Ironman” but my friend and I are planning on doing the Ironman in Penticton in 2013 – just before I turn 57 – goals are always a good thing 🙂

May 15, 2015, John
Totally enjoyed the Ironstruck book, it is definitely one of the better books on the market,and I totally agree in the swim concept of relaxing and of also taking your time in transition. I’m certain that everyone who reads your book feels as I do, but most people do not take or find the time to express themselves. This is where I excel. What I love most about your book is that it spoke to ME. It was not geared for IRONMAN finishers. It was for people like me that are on the fence of whether or not we could actually attain such an enormous feat. It’s for the majority of us… It’s for the people that are looking for something to change their life in so many ways on so many levels. Your book is a blessing and my Bible. I read it constantly. It already looks like it has been around for decades… It’s bent; dog-eared to death; written in all over; highlighted; and has a few food stains in it as I was always eating or snacking while reading it… I love my “Ironstruck” book, and I plan to promote it amongst my friends; Tri club; and anyone who wants to become IRONSTRUCK!!!” Much gratitude and respect.

July 2, 2010, Jill
I spoke to you several weeks ago. I bought your book and it was a tremendous helper. You were also kind enough to give me some personal advice and coaching. I am proud to say that I AM AN IRONMAN!!! I did it! Thanks a lot! For the last 18 miles (which in lake placid are all uphill)I kept repeating what you said,”I can do this” I did it man! Thanks for everything! I crossed the finish line at 15 hrs and 55min! Not the best time, but I could care less, I AM AN IRONMAN!!!! Thanks For everything, You really helped me and your book was invaluable!

July, 2010, Gerry
I’m sure you get thousands of emails, especially after publishing your ironstruck book but I wanted to email you and thank you for all the great advise I got from your website, from your emails (that you answered so promptly) and from your book. I just completed my first ironman CDA on June 24th. It was every bit the experience you talked about in your book…from the excitement of just making it to the “big day” to the pain, suffering and triumph of the swim, bike and run to the euphoric feeling of hearing that announcer say “YOU ARE AN IRON MAN!” It truly is something I will never forget. Although I didn’t break any speed records I completed the ironman in 14 hours and 35 minutes which was a lot faster than I anticipated I would finish. I attribute that to heeding some very well given advice 🙂 Thanks so much for your amazing book.

August 1, 2014, Eric
Ray I wrote to you sometime last year, when I was debating whether or not to use a mountain bike for my first attempt at Ironman. You wrote a both sensible and encouraging reply. In the end, I opted to purchase a road bike. I’ve forwarded you the story of how my race went, but most of all I wanted to say thanks again for your book Ironstruck, which I read and re-read a bunch of times, and which was by far my favorite of all of the half dozen or so I read during the course of my training. All the best.

September 17, 2014, Maria
Oh my gosh, Ray. I just read your comment/response to my race report and I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and encouragement. It’s a big coincidence, actually, that you included President Roosevelt’s quote. Thank you for bringing me back to my roots. Back to a feeling of pride, strength and self-assurance that not only is anything possible, but that we are all capable of being more. Of constantly growing and developing and bettering ourselves. It’s with empowerment and support from one another — who do get it 🙂 that we may continue to reach farther and farther beyond our perceived limits. All my very best.

Ironstruck… 500 Ironman Triathlon Questions and Answers

Janet, Canada
Hi Ray, This note is very overdue. I bought your book at the Vancouver Marathon Expo in 2010. At that time, I was registered for Ironman Cozumel, but had just been through a “coach” that didn’t believe I had it in me to get to the starting line, never mind finish the race. I want to let you know that it’s your book, “Ironstruck: 500 Questions and Answers” that got me to the start line, and you have to at least get there in order to finish. Even though you don’t know me, I felt that, through your book, you believed in me and I want to thank you for that. I finished the race, and am so very proud of myself. I presented my story to a few interested groups, and we were all in tears as I told my story of the things I had to overcome to be an Ironman. I told everyone about your book whenever I told my story. And when anyone talks about wanting to do an IM, I recommend your book. It still brings tears to my eyes to open that book and read your words, “Good luck in Cozumel Janet!”. Thank you for writing that book. Like you say, “if you’re Ironstruck, yes you can!”

2014, Canada, Jeff
Ray, I love your site and your books. They are inspiring and informative. I have done 6 ironmans, with CdA, and Canada coming up in the future. I will be recommending your site and your book to my friends. Thanks for all of this.

United States, Eric
Just wanted to say thanks, Ray. I completed my first Ironman in Cozumel last weekend in 13 hours. I started training in earnest only 11 months ago with no triathlon experience. I’m 45 and I didn’t even own a rode bike or a pair of goggles, having done just 2 marathons over the last 15 years as a casual runner. I didn’t use a coach or join a club. I carried your book around and just talked to people who were active in the sport. What a great life experience! Thanks, Ray.

Tim Arnold
Hey Ray, Just wanted to drop you a quick line. I forgot to thank you after Iron Man Lake Placid. Honestly, your book was a HUGE godsend to me during the lead up to that race. It was, in the end, a lot easier than I made it out to be. and the most fun you can have legally for that much money.

September, 2014, David Conn
I cannot truly thank you enough!! By the way—I recommend your book to so many folks. The word I use to describe it is “relaxed”. I use that word because while reading your book, I never felt intimidated by what you were saying or the advice you were offering. And it solidified my resolve to want to do this crazy event! All the best.

2014, Mason Landry
Hi Ray, just bought your book and made it to chapter 2 and I’m so stoked at its great insight so far, and I’m sure that it will bring a true sense of awe and fulfilling answers to my questions. 2015 poses a hand full of challenges to make the triathlons and death race. if there are any question I have I hope to ask you, Thanks.

2011, Kelvyn, UK
Hi just volunteered to marshal Ironman wales, what an unbelievable day totally inspirational I am “Ironstruck” just finished your book ironstruck read it in one has made my mind up, I can complete an ironman and am waiting for entries to open for wales 2012 thank you very much… will be reading your book again during my Ironman journey. Thanks again.

Tijuana, Mexico, José Luis Garcia Chavez
Hi, I’m from Tijuana México, and have been training and racing for some time now, Mi first Ironman is this November 27 in COZUMEL!!! Congrats for your great and motivating website and book!!!

2015, Jeremy, USA
Thanks for an informative and motivational website! I’ve been “Ironstruck” and will be spending a year or two in training (I have to learn to swim first!) and the enthusiasm on your website and in your books is a Godsend. If I can go from knee surgery to Marathon I believe I can go from land-lubber to Ironman! Thank you so much!

2011, Jeremy Don, South Africa
Hi Ray, I came across your website while doing a search on the effectiveness of wind trainers. Firstly, can I say what a great website it is and congratulate you on the site’s great layout and content. I have just recently take the decision to take up Triathlons with my first big event being the Half Ironman in East London, South Africa in Jan 2012. I plan to spend a lot of time on you site taking advantage of the great tips and advice you have very kindly shared with us!! I have also sent four of my mates the link to your site as we have all decided to take the plunge into the world of Triathlons together. I am more than sure they will also find you website extremely helpful plus we are all buying copies of your two Ironstruck Ironman books So once again thank you and wish me luck !!! Regards.

2011, Don Rene, Estonia
Hi Ray, I saw your book ‘Ironstruck’, while visiting and training with my Ironman friend in Norway. He had a lot of books about Ironman training, but I started to read the ‘Ironstruck’. I’m with marathon background and have enjoyed swimming, cycling and running marathons since I decided to get rid of my overweight from 105kg to 75kg from nov. 2009 to may. 2010. on my way back home from Norway. I read the entire book while on road as it was so interesting and I was preparing myself for my first triathlon event, the 111 Tristar Estonia 2011. The ‘Ironstruck’ [book] was more than very helpful for me and made more sence than all the other ‘smart’ triathlon training books. it’s so true that triathlon is the competition where you need balanced mind and body and hammering those kilometers and hours don’t give you advantage before those who train with heart and soul and listen the body and mind. so thank’s a lot for your great advises and help. I wanted to step on Ironman starting line already this year but I think it’s wise to listen to your advice and I hope to start on Ironman 2012. meanwhile I have two full marathons to go this year and need to train my cycling leg…doing squats. :-))) Thank You once more Ray!

Tim, Indianapolis, USA
Hi Ray …. Just bought your book ….. the online version … cause I needed something to “CHILL” me out …… thanks, the swim section …. perfect ……. just what I needed to read.. Tim ps: Got this for motivation and Spirit!!! too …… MADE ME FEEL BETTER !!!! A little motivation and something to get my brain calm is exactly what I needed!

Triathlete In Transition

James, Canada
Ray, Just wanted to thank you for providing such excellent material, both here on the website, and your newest book Triathlete In Transition for beginner triathletes (which you were kind enough to sign for me at market mall). I completed my first Tri-It Tri today in Canmore and I found the advice you passed along invaluable. As you predicted I am hooked. My next step is to register for the Lake Chaparell, Sprint Tri, and pick up a copy of Ironstruck! All the best

Dave, North Carolina, 2014 USA
Ray, I just purchased Ironstruck and it is in transit. You may not remember me, but I am the gentleman doing IMFL in Nov and I corresponded with you. I was the one that stated that I could only afford one book at this time and asked which one should be my first read. I am excited to get it here, but I warn you that once I start reading I may have questions. I also want you to know that I am also buying your book because of your kind emails. I rarely spend more than 15 dollars for any book and your kind disposition sold the book. I look forward to reading it and even more forward to sending you a finisher picture in Nov. Kind regards.

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