Top Pros Test Lance Armstrong In Ironman Texas 70.3 2012

Lance Armstrong will be facing some of the world’s top pros on Sunday April 1, 2012 when Ironman Texas 70.3 gets underway.

There is little doubt that Lance Armstrong gave the pros of the Ironman world a wake-up call when he came within an eye-lash of winning Ironman Panama 70.3 that took place earlier in the season.

It took a great effort by Olympian Bevan Docherty to run Lance down in the final kilometers of what was without doubt the most exciting race of the young 2012 Ironman season.

In the Panama race Lance kept close to the leaders coming out of the water and before too long was near the front on the bike course. He made no effort to break free but instead keyed on the lead bike and entered the bike/run transition a close second.

Will Lance win Ironman Texas 70.3?

From there he burst into the lead and looked for all the world like he would never be caught, but Bevan Docherty charged past him late in the race to take a much-deserved victory.

Things won’t be getting any easier for Lance in Texas.

He will be up against the likes of Timothy O’Donnell, Ronnie Schildknecht, Michael Raelert, Marino Vanhoenacker, and Sebastian Kienle.

This list of pros will be going into Ironman Texas 70.3 with some impressive credentials.

Michael Raelert will most likely be the pre-race favorite and is a two-time Ironman 70.3 champion.

Timothy O’Donnell is in fine form and comes off a win in the recent Ironman San Juan 70.3.

Ronnie Schildknecht is a 5-time Ironman Switzerland champion and was the first man to break 8 hours in America when he bested a strong field in Ironman Florida 2011.

It will be interesting to see what strategy Lance adopts on race day.

Personally I think he might attempt to create a bit of space on the bike course so he can go into the run with the lead and then try and hold the rest of the charging field off.

Or perhaps he will decide to use exactly the same strategy as he did in Panama and save himself in the bike and charge to the front in the run.

Much will depend on how he as prepared for the race. He may have spent more time working on his run endurance as this might be his one weak spot.

A lot will depend on race day conditions and how Lance adapts to the Ironman Texas course.

For an in-depth look at the course visit Ironman Texas Preview.

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