Top tips for Ironman Triathlon success

Read on for how to get your hands on some top tips for Ironman Triathlon success.

Do you have one of those book readers that are all the rage these days?

If you are new to the Ironman or perhaps want a better result than you experienced in your last Ironman, you might want to consider spending $3.99 on an E-book that will lead you through the top tips for Ironman Triathlon success.

Some people manage to talk themselves out of taking on the Ironman challenge because they convince themselves that it’s simply beyond them…..a bridge too far.

You’d be surprised just how much you are capable of if you have a little positive direction…or better yet, a game-plan for earning the title of Ironman that will be yours forever.

The Ironman Triathlon is easily the toughest event in the world for mainstream athletes and it’s just waiting to be challenged by someone just like you so hopefully you will have a look a my book that features many top tips for Ironman Triathlon success.

Are you facing doubts that this is indeed a dream far beyond you and there are too many obstacles to overcome in order to reach the finish line of the Ironman?

Whoever said it would be easy to be an Ironman? If it was easy what would the sense of accomplishment be?

The Ironman Triathlon- making an impossible journey possible

Learn how to conquer the Ironman 2.4-mile swim fear and anxiety

The biggest gift the Ironman Triathlon can give you is to take you somewhere you have never been, to test you physically, emotionally, and mentally on levels far beyond you have ever been tested in your life.

And succeed.

And in the doing, amaze even yourself with the host of abilities and strengths, both inner and outer, that you never knew you possessed until that moment you committed yourself to your Ironman journey.

A lot of people find triathlon books too long, too technical, or too boring or that they miss answering the questions the reader truly wants answered.

I have written a compact book that is brief and to the point and it discusses the greatest doubts, fears and obstacles an Ironman novice almost always has to deal with and how to overcome them. The book might be compact but is loaded with top tips for Ironman Triathlon success.

I discuss fear of the open water swim, worries about how expensive it is to become an Ironman and why it does not have to be that way, tips on how to prepare for such a daunting race, and what sort of diet works best.

Ironman Triathlon -making an impossible journey possible

A $3.99 book that will change the way you view the Ironman and guide you to the Ironman finish line.

It is designed in a way to answer the important questions that need answering. Any one of which could be instrumental in propelling you to the finish line of one of the greatest endurance races in the world.

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If you enjoy my introduction to the Ironman and how to be successful at reaching the finish line and want to begin or perhaps refine your Ironman journey, I have also written several full length triathlon books that have helped novice triathletes all over the world realize their Ironman dreams and goals.

You can visit my ironstruck book store and find the perfect book for the new or experienced triathlete doing their very first try a tri triathlon or the Ironman.

Read what others have to say about my books.

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