Triathlete in transition

My book Triathlete In Transition is an inspirational and common sense guide for those new too triathlon.

There’s a reason why triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. It has captured the imagination of so many because it’s a sport that has changed the lives of ordinary people all over the world.

It does not require you to have the perfect athletic body or to be a highly skilled swimmer, biker, or runner.

As a matter of fact, there are many people who catch the triathlon bug but can’t swim a stroke. Perhaps they haven’t run or biked for years, yet still take up the challenge of triathlon.

triathlete in transition book

Triathlete In Transition. The perfect book for the beginner triathlete.

In the process they learn new skills, improve fitness levels, make new friends, and attain an improved level of over-all health and well-being.

Every single year the senior age-group categories in Ironman Triathlons continue to grow.

Many people are beginning to realize that just because they reach 55 or 65 they do not have to stop being active and perhaps even competitive.

The focus of Triathlete In Transition is to guide and inspire new triathletes as they begin their triathlon journey.

Much like my two “Ironstruck” books, Triathlete In Transition is not just another triathlon training book. Yes it will guide you as you work your way toward your first triathlon. It will also inspire and motivate you to become more than you ever thought possible.

Regardless of your fitness level or athletic ability as you start on your amazing journey. TRIATHLETE IN TRANSITION has the potential to help change the course of your life forever.

In order to cover as many important components of your preparation as possible, I have invited along seven guest writers to share their wisdom and knowledge with you.

The guest experts include…

STEVE KING–The voice of Ironman Canada


TERRY LAUGHIN–The creator of the TOTAL IMMERSION swim concept

as the featured contributors to TRIATHLETE IN TRANSITION.

We share in a common goal of doing all we can to make your triathlon journey a rewarding and exciting experience.

For more information on being a more successful triathlete or Ironman be sure to have a look at the books I have written. These books have helped many triathletes around the world realize their Ironman and triathlon dreams and goals.

You can visit my ironstruck book store and find the perfect book for you. Excellent for the new or experienced triathlete doing their very first try a tri triathlon or the Ironman.

Here are some testimonials from people who have read my books.

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