Is a triathlete sponsor a good idea for your first Ironman? It might seem so at first, but there are some things to consider.

Having a sponsor for your first Ironman triathlon can seem like a pretty good idea.

Taking part in an Ironman has become a pretty expensive affair these days and its always nice to have help along the way. Especially with things like expensive bike equipment, lodging, and travel expenses etc.

After all, you may only be required to wear their name on your race clothing. It seems like a small price to pay to have yourself a sponsor who will provide equipment or financial aid.

triathlete sponsor  -triathlete in wet suit leaving the water

Few people realize the responsibility that seemingly comes along with wearing a sponsors name. It can often become a trying proposition for many athletes.

I know because I’ve been in that situation. Its amazing the amount of extra pressure you can put on yourself by having a race sponsor.

Although at the time having a sponsor help me out seemed like a great idea it was always on the back of my mind that I had to do really well to justify any financial aid I had received.

Along with everything else there is to worry about during an Ironman, there was always this nagging feeling that I didn’t want to let my sponsor down.

Not to mention that I didn’t want to fail and embarrass myself by having to face my sponsor and tell him that I didn’t finish the race for some reason Its quite amazing the things that go through your mind.

I really feel that someone taking a run at their first Ironman has enough to worry about. In hindsight, it makes sense to me now that having a race-sponsor for a “first” Ironman attempt is not a really great idea.

The last thing you need is the added pressure of trying to justify someone giving you financial support in one way or the other.

My suggestion is to try and forego searching out a sponsor when attempting your first Ironman. See how it goes and if you decide down the road to continue on with an Ironman career, perhaps then, it would make more sense.

Whatever you decide, make sure you fully understand what you’re getting yourself into when you accept the responsibility of having a triathlete sponsor.



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