Triathlon massage therapy is a great way to treat yourself after those knee-jarring runs and never-ending hours on your bike.

Massage-therapy is something to give serious consideration to when preparing for your first Ironman Triathlon.

For some reason, there are those who benefit more than others from massage. I’ve tried it, but found it a bit expensive to be able to include it as a weekly part of my training.

Personally, I used massage therapy more as a reward after 6 or 8 weeks of hard training. Should you decide to include massage therapy as a regular component of your training, be sure to find someone skilled in “sports massage” which in many cases is a deeper massage than most people are used to.

Triathlon massage  -triathlon massage tent

The best time for a massage might be after the race

There are many different movements and sports massage techniques that might include effleurage (stroking), friction, stretching, Swedish Massage, compression, and trigger points.

The purpose and main goal of these movements and massage techniques as far as triathlon massage are used to try to help the triathletes body achieve top performance and conditioning.

At the same time, professionally administered triathlon massage will lessen the chance of training or racing injury or pain and will also help speed recovery from training and races.

There’s no doubt that a massage can do wonders after a long bike or run session, but I wouldn’t recommend it too soon “before” a planned long training day. I always found that I was so relaxed, I didn’t want to do anything after a massage.

It’s for this reason I would avoid getting a massage too soon before a major race like the Ironman Triathlon. If you want a pre-race massage I would highly recommend getting it several days before the big race.

If you only have one massage all year, there is one you must make a point of not missing out on. It’s the free on you get right after they put that Ironman Triathlon finishers medal around your neck.

Just tell that volunteer who is helping you at the finish line that you would like to go to the massage tent. That will most likely the most memorable massage you will ever have.

Get there as soon as you can(shuffle) after crossing the line as if tends to get pretty busy depending on your arrival time. You may have to sign in and take a seat, but normally you won’t be left waiting too long.

Ultimately, massage-therapy is an individual choice and though some claim that it is a real benefit to their training, I always looked at it more as a special treat.

I would suggest trying it and if you like the results, and can afford it, than by all means, make triathlon massage a regular part of your Ironman Triathlon preparation.


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