Triathlon Run Fuel Belt

Don’t underestimate the value of a Triathlon run fuel belt.

Of all the triathlon innovations that have come along over the years since the birth of the Ironman Triathlon, a triathlon run fuel belt should be right up there in the top ten somewhere.

I’m not talking about a run belt for your race number but something much more important. I’m talking about a triathlon run fuel belt for carrying your water or your favorite replacement drink in long training runs or endurance races.

It’s in the Ironman Triathlon where wearing a triathlon fuel belt really pays off.


Sometime when you are out there on a training run try running with your arms held firmly at your sides.

Not only is it uncomfortable, you are also left with a feeling that you are going to fall flat on your face at any moment.

By holding your arms firmly at your sides you are throwing your body out of balance because our arms and legs work in unison to provide optimum balance. triathlon run belts better than water bottles

Water bottles are great in a bike bottle-holder but not the best for carrying in your hand when running.

It doesn’t take much to throw off that balance.

Something as simple as going for a run carrying a 16-ounce water bottle in one hand is enough to create problems for you.

It’s enough to throw your body out of sync. It might not be a big deal if you are walking down the street, but the effect is very noticeable just minutes into a run.

It feels awkward and after a while you might wish you hadn’t brought it along in the first place. Something isn’t right and that bottle seems to be getting heavier by the minute.

I remember going for a run with a woman once who decided to bring along a water bottle that she carried in her hand.

My first thought was that I was going to end up carrying that water bottle for her. It took all of ten minutes and there it was………the big question….

“Would you mind carrying this for me?”

That’s all the time it took for that water bottle to begin to feel uncomfortable for her and she had no idea why.


The reason a triathlon run belt works is because the weight is dispersed equally around your waist.

You are no longer carrying a bottle in your hand that throws off your natural balance and soon becomes very uncomfortable.

You also don’t have one large water bottle banging against your side with every stride if you strap a single water bottle to your side. That really gets old fast in the Ironman Marathon.  -triathlon fuel and run belt

There are different configurations. You can get up to five fuel bottles in a belt. There are also belts that carry gels as well as bottles.

I tried that once and ended up leaving it at an aid station.

when I first saw a fuel belt with five small plastic bottles in holders attached to a belt that went around your waist a thought…”What a great idea!”

It never messed with my natural running stride at all and never seemed to feel uncomfortable. After running with it for a while I hardly knew it was there.

It’s great for a marathon race or Ironman marathon because you can carry any special drink you prefer that won’t be available at aid stations.

You can always get water at an aid station every mile in most Ironman races to supplement your hydration.

If you have never tried one I would highly recommend you give a triathlon run fuel belt a try.


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