Triathlon Training and Racing is For Everyone

Triathlon training and racing is for everyone and not just those who have Ironman on their mind.

Their is a misconception out there that leads those new to the world of triathlon that if you don’t do the Ironman you somehow fail as a triathlete.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most people who have been bitten by the Ironman bug and become IronStruck have a desire deep within to challenge themselves to see what they are truly capable of becoming.

There is always the risk of failure and that’s the true obstacle facing those who accept the Ironman challenge. It’s not so much how long it takes them to finish or what place they finish in, but rather if they will finish at all that often scares them the most.


It’s no different for the person who is 60 pounds overweight and seriously out of shape who decides they want to take part in their first 5k run.

There is always the risk of failure and it can take just as much courage, strength of character, and self-belief to challenge yourself to get fit and run 5k as it does to attempt an Ironman.

Everyone is at a different place in their lives and challenging or seemingly insurmountable goals are different things to different people.


That same person who completes their first 5k run could well be inspired to keep challenging themselves and perhaps one day attempt a half-marathon, marathon, or their very first try-a-tri triathlon.

Every success could well drive them to continue to challenge their limits and every time they reach a distant finish line they learn so much more about themselves and embrace the fitter, healthier, more self-confident version of themselves.

Success is different things to different people.

All this even though they have never been part of an Ironman Triathlon.

There is no saying they will never be inspired to attempt an Ironman.

However to think they are less spectacular or less of a success as a person than those that do cross the Ironman finish line could not be further from the truth.


I will never forget how hard it was to run my first ever mile without stopping some 35 years ago.

I will never forget the day I ran ten miles in training for the first time and I will never forget crossing the finish line of my first marathon.

Certainly I will never forget the day I crossed the finish line of my first Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii.

Every single goal I reached was a thrill-every obstacle overcome perpetuating an attempt at the next one.

If I had never been inspired to tackle the Ironman I’m certain I would not have felt like a failure and neither should anyone else.

Indeed, triathlon training and racing is for everyone no matter what the distance.

Be proud of any accomplishment where you challenged yourself to become more on many levels and came out on top.

You are a true champion.


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