Try-A-Tri Triathlon For Beginner Triathletes

This is the perfect triathlon distance for anyone who would like to be part of triathlon and learn more about what it involves.

It was less than 4 decades ago when the only triathlon was the Ironman triathlon and now there are many choices if a novice triathletes want to ease themselves into the sport.


Every time there is a triathlon taking place somewhere in the world there are spectators who feel that it’s something they would love to do. Or perhaps someone has a friend or relative who inspires them to take up the sport and take their life in a new direction.

Maybe they are not all that fit, have weight to lose, would like to quit smoking, or have any number of roadblocks to overcome and feel that perhaps the notion they have to become a triathlete is foolish.

Learn about triathlon-have fun

Nothing could be further from the truth. Triathlon is the fastest growing mainstream sport in the world is because it is for everyone who has it in their heart to make a positive change in their lives.

The best part about an event like this is that pretty well everyone you encounter on the big day will be relatively new to the sport and because of it will tend to inspire one another.

A Try-A-Tri is not about how fast you can swim, bike, or run. It’s about learning new skills and the inner workings of a triathlon.

It’s about becoming familiar with the gear you will need to be a triathlete and the proper diet that will help you make the most it.

This shortest of all triathlons is the perfect atmosphere for the beginner triathlete to learn about all the aspects of this great sport that is taking the world by storm.


Unlike most other triathlons, there is not really a set distance for these shortest of all triathlons. It is often the decision of the race organizers who will determine how long the swim will be.

One thing you can be sure of is that the distances will be very short and doable.

Try-A-Tri pool swim

The Try-A-Tri swim will be in a pool as opposed to open water as many people new to triathlon are just learning how to swim.

Chances are you won’t be swimming around 200-300 meters, and perhaps less.

A pool is a great place to start your triathlon career if you are new to swimming. You can always stop at the end of the pool to rest if necessary.


Most likely the bike leg will be around 8-12 kilometers. Again this will be determined by the race organizers and every event will be a little different. It’s just a matter of picking a Try-A-Tri that best suits your ability.

Many people may not have been on a bike since their childhood and the short bike ride is a chance to get used to being out on the road.

Maybe some people will have purchased themselves a triathlon bike specifically for the sport as opposed to using the road bike or mountain bike they have parked in the garage.

This event is a great opportunity to get used to how the bike handles.


The run distance will likely be around 2-4 kilometers. The standard distance for a Sprint Triathlon is 5k so a Try-A-Tri run will almost always be far less than that.

There is no pressure to run the entire distance and many people combine walking, power-walking, and easy running and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

The run course takes you to the finish line and no matter what the distance, it’s always a great feeling to accomplish something special like finishing your very first triathlon.


Once a new triathlete becomes comfortable with this distance then he or she might want to think about going to the next level and trying a Sprint Triathlon.

Every time you increase the distance a little bit, you are getting in better and better shape. The better you feel about yourself, the more you will be inspired to embrace a permanent lifestyle of fitness.

This particular triathlon distance will help you learn about the workings of a triathlon.

Whether you take part in a Try-A-Tri Triathlon or an Ironman Triathlon, you make the very same transitions from the swim to the bike and the bike to the run.

Even in this shortest of triathlons you will learn how transition areas are set up and you will feel what it’s like to go from the pool to your bike and from your bike into the run course.

It’s a great sport and there is sure to be a Try-A-Tri Triathlon near you as the sport is growing so fast that pretty well every city in North America has a number of triathlons that you might find suitable.

We at Ironstruck would be more than happy to help you along on your triathlon journey. Feel free to use the “contact us” option at any time should you have triathlon questions or concerns.

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