Vancouver Marathon 2010 results

Vancouver Marathon 2010 results

The Vancouver Marathon 2010 results are in the books and once again there were some amazing performances.


This is the first opportunity I’ve had to bring Ironstruck out to the West Coast to Vancouver. The Vancouver of 2010 is far different from city I grew up in many years ago in the 1960’s.

Yes it certainly is bigger and more expensive than I can ever remember it.

The economy has changed a fair bit since I used to run over to the corner store near Broadway and Fraser in East Vancouver and buy my dad his package of Export ‘A’ plain for 36 cents.

The house we lived in on East 8th avenue was probably worth about $22,000 back then(or maybe less). Now it’s an apartment building.


What I noticed the most has the vibrancy of the city. It is just so alive and it was like being on a different planet from what I remember of growing up here so many years ago.

Taking part in the Vancouver Marathon Expo was probably one of my better decisions. Although it was a money losing venture, it was a thrill to be around so many amazing people who either organized or were part of the event.

I have no doubt that it has done wonders for the Ironstruck name and exposure in this part of the country and it was quite a thrill witnessing the Vancouver Marathon 2010 results first hand.

Thanks to the 85 or 90 people who purchased their copies of “Ironstruck…The Ironman Triathlon Journey” “Ironstruck? 500 Ironman Triathlon Questions and Answers” and “Triathlon In Transition”.

For those of you who purchased one of my books I truly believe you will be getting full value for your $20 investment. I look forward seeing your names in the results of an upcoming ironman race.

I sincerely hope your Vancouver Marathon 2010 results were all you hoped for.


In marathons this large, it often takes several days to get all the finisher data organized and published. As soon as I can find out more stats on age-group winners etc., I will publish them on this page so please visit often. The results should be available soon.


As to the winners it was really no surprise to see that Kenyan Thomas Omwenga has captured top spot in the Vancouver Marathon 2010 results.

I commented to someone at the expo that one of two things would happen as the Marathon unfolded.
Either Thomas would be pushed by someone and there would be a new course record, or he would be alone and cold and win without breaking the record.

As it turned out, he has alone and cold and went in a pedestrian 2:16:55. At least pedestrian for Thomas as he had hoped to cover the Vancouver distance in around 2:12.

That’s really pretty interesting because many marathoners excel on cooler days when it’s raining as it sure prevents over-heating and often personal bests are run. So obviously, quite a lot depends on the running conditions one is accustomed to.

Vancouver Marathon 2010 results

A great milestone for many runners.

Another Kenyan, Emmah Muthoni took the win for the women with an excellent time of 237.17. She also ran unchallenged and like Thomas is based out of Florida. She has a great future in store in distance events as she is only 29 and her endurance will only improve over time.


Jason Louitt was running fourth and closed ground on a hill in Stanley Park and later on in the race moved into second place for good and finished with a very impressive marathon time of 2:25:47.

He has a great chance of reaching his goal of competing for Canada in the Olympic Marathon if he continues on this path. Best of luck Jason!

On the women’s side, Sharleen Jackson came within an eye-lash of breaking the 2:50 barrier as she came in second with a sparkling time of 2:50:13.

The cool weather must have agreed with Sharleen however as this was a personal best for her by around five minutes. I think we will be hearing from her again.

Maybe she might think about recovering for a few weeks and then running in our Calgary Marathon near the end of May. She would most likely have a great chance to win that race as well.

Suzanne Evans of New Westminster finished in third place for the women in the Vancouver Marathon.


Lethbridge-based Kenyan, Kip Kangogo is another runner who has hopes of representing Canada in the 2012 Olympic Games. Kip won the half-marathon in 106.33 and was followed in by Steve Osaduik who was just under a minute behind in a time of 107:13.

For the women it was Krista Duchene of Brantford Ontario who was first in the Vancouver Marathon 2010 results (half-marathon) with a time of 1:16:40.


Sometimes being an exhibitor can be a bit of an endurance race in it’s own way. The “Pedal To The Metal” drive from Calgary to Vancouver and up at 3 a.m. to try and find parking on race day has it’s own way of taking a physical toll.

I don’t know how I would have made it without the great staff at MacDonalds who always had a great cup of coffee and a fresh muffin waiting for us. THANKS GUYS AND GALS!!

Also, thanks to all the runners who supported the exhibitors at the Expo. It can be a challenge for most exhibitors just to break even financially so your support is much appreciated.

As always I met many great people. It was such a thrill to meet all of you and to share your hopes and dreams. Many of you I’m sure will one day cross the finish line of your very first triathlon or your very first Ironman and I hope Ironstruck is of some help in all of you realizing your dreams.

I don’t know how Maureen does it, but through-out the entire event she never seemed to panic or lose focus as she organized the Vancouver 2010 Marathon expo and kept things running smoothly for all four days. She was great to work with and I’m so glad I decided to come out and be part of the BMO Vancouver International Marathon.

Age group winners Vancouver Marathon 2010 results

19-under female

Emily Robinson 3:34:01
Angela Tenisci 3:53:16
Rebecca Mann 3:58:07

19-under male

Trevor Tank 3:10:04
Morgan Lockhart 3:10:22
Jonathan Amanatidis 3:14:49

20-24 female

Kim Hunter 3:19:44
Sarah Anderton 3:28:10
Britta Rusad 3:25:07

20-24 male

Shohei Higuchi 3:01:50
Judd Levirs 3:05:26
Dylan Stanger 3:05:56

25-29 female

Emma Muthoni Kiruki 2:37:16
Sharleen Jackson 2:50:12
Shannyn Clancy 2:59:40

25-29 male

Gilbert Kiptoo 2:29:35
Jacob Hass 2:35:09
Steve Dekoker 2:36:45

30-34 female

Kimberly Mueller 2:56:08
Hisayo Matsumoto 3:00:57
Alison Taylor 3:10:32

30-34 male

Thomas Omwenga 2:16:55
Aaron Heidt 2:29:48
Lorenzo Perlo 2:30:21

35-39 female

Suzanne Evans 2:52:58
Karen Warrenforf 3:05:55
Shelly Hack 3:09:12

35-39 male

Jason Loulitt 2:25:47
Graeme Wilson 2:28:17
Charles Bedley 2:31:04

40-44 female

Sue Quenneville 3:09:34
Janette Purdham 3:20:43
Simret Kebede 3:20:32

40-44 male

Thomas Tisell 3:34:32
Hugh Trenchard 2:41:28
Jack Cook 2:42:29

female 45-49

Shelley Grisbrook 3:06:55
Claudette Augert 3:08:53
Amy Anderson 3:20:11

45-49 male

Chris Cordoni 3:00:43
Eric Dingler 3:01:38
Rick Howard 3:04:53

50-54 female

Bitsy Delany 3:43:08
Peggy Woodman 3:43:47
Lorna Marshall 3:44:55

50-54 male

Guy Smith 2:47:02
Dave Stephens 2:49:48
Trevor McCaffery 3:02:55

55-59 female

Janet Green 3:49:04
zita Glauser 3:58:48
Sheila Symchuck-Brown 4:14:05

55-59 male

Hideo Uchiyama 3:13:03
Howard Bookey 3:14:04
Mike Heiliger 3:20:57

60-64 female

Carol Peters 3:39:56
Norma Fujikawa 3:44:37
Diane Ridgeway 3:45:37

60-64 male

Chris Morrison 3:06:44
Katsuji Morita 3:15:23
Katsuo Kimori 3:36:29
65-69 female

Helen Sabourin 4:21:45
Patricia Roesch 5:23:40
Lil Forcade 5:49:46

65-69 male

Lauri J Karjaluoto 3:40:40
Milos Kostic 3:39:57
Pierre Bourassa 3:58:16

70-74 female

Hildegard Bill 6:46:16

70-74 male

volker Langlotz 3:40:25
Rod Waterlow 3:56:39
Rino Vilio 4:12:25

Male 75-79

Sun Pui Ho 4:52:45
Dieter Kirste 5:57:22
Harvey Nelson 7:17:33

Male 80+

Ryozo Mizutani 6:42:37

Check out your results if you raced the Vancouver 2015 Marathon.

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