A weight lifting schedule will vary from person to person depending on how much time they can devote to a weight training program.

If all a person has time for is one day for weight training, then it’s hardly worth their time. A minimum of two days should be devoted to a weight training program and preferably three.

For the average person who is lifting weights in order to improve their over-all strength for a specific sport, like triathlon for instance, three days is about perfect.

Three days allow for a rest day after each session. This is crucial as the muscles need time to re-build after being stressed.

If weight lifting is a persons passion they may lift for 5 or 6 days a week. One day they may concentrate on the lower body and while the lower body is recovering, they will work on their upper body strength.

By alternating between upper and lower body they are allowing time for recovery for the areas of the body that have been physically stressed.

This of course is for dedicated weight-lifters who have a special passion for lifting weights and are trying get as strong as possible.

In this case there weight lifting schedule will be much different from a triathletes.

For triathletes, it’s important to plan a strength training plan in place that works well with their swimming, biking, and running workouts.

weight lifting schedule  -dumbells

Weights come in all shapes and sizes

For instance a weight work-out right before a swim training session might work well as swimming tends to soothe sore, stressed muscles.

If a long run is planned for the following day, then it might not we wise to stress the leg muscles and a day off from your weight lifting schedule the day before the run might be a good plan.

So ultimately, triathletes have to plan their weight lifting schedule carefully if they intend to include weight training as a regular part of their triathlon training.

If a person is in the very early stages of their triathlon career it might be best to ensure they have gained the proper skills and techniques in swimming, biking, and running before spending training time in the weight room.

When triathletes “do” decide to take up weight training it would make sense to begin easily and perhaps just write a weight lifting schedule that might only include two work-outs per week.

This way it allows time to see how weight training is going to effect the rest of the triathlon training.

If things go well, another weight training day could be added to the training schedule.


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