Weight training techniques can vary from using free-weights, weight training stations, and even getting stronger without using any type of weights or machines.

For years the most common method of strength training involved “free weights”. When using free weights, the whole idea is to increase the amount of weight that is added to the bar in order to stress the muscles more.

Of course care must be taken to only lift the amount of weight that is within your physical ability. Often lifting too much too soon will result in injury or discouragement.

Weight training techniques  -dumbells

Weights come in all shapes and sizes

The secret is to add weight to the bar in small increments as your muscles develop, become stronger and more able to deal with the added weight.

Over time, weight lifting and overall strength training evolved from free-weights to weight lifting machines and stations.

Although there are those who still prefer free weights, most fitness centers have leaned toward weight lifting stations and have smaller areas designated for free weights.

There are several advantages to using weight stations. First of all there is no changing of plates required and that leaves more time for actually working out.

Also, most weight stations have safety features in place that enable exercises to be done without a spotter.

It’s also possible to buy weight stations for the home that will allow many exercises to be done and it takes far less room and is far more organized than having a complete free weight area set up.

Home gyms have become quite popular over the past few decades especially as people are finding they can save money and time by working out in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

There is no doubt that weight training techniques and choices come in many shapes and forms. It all depends what a person prefers.

For many that trip to the fitness center a few times a week is as much a social networking opportunity as it is a weight workout and the technique they use to weight lift is not a big issue.

There is another weight training technique that has nothing to do with free weights or exercise stations. Isometrics has been used for years as a method of getting stronger without the use of actual weights.

Weight training techniques

push-ups are a form of isometrics

It’s a perfect strength training technique for someone who does not have training equipment at their disposal. For instance someone who is traveling out of town and end up in a hotel without an exercise room.

Isometrics is basically the act of using force against an immovable object and in the process stressing the muscles and making them stronger. For example, a push-up is basically isometrics in action.

A person lifts their body weight by pushing against the floor and at no point are any weights used. In the process this isometric exercise will make arms and shoulders stronger if the exercise is done on a regular basis.

Whatever weight training technique a person decides to use, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, but the main goal of getting stronger, gaining flexibility, and endurance can be realized if a person remains dedicated to their weight training program regardless what method they decide to use.


Read what the Mayo Clinic has to say about weight training.

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