Whistler chosen by WTC to host Ironman Canada 2013

It will probably be a surprise to many people that the WTC announced Thursday October 11, 2012 that it was Whistler chosen by WTC as the venue for Canada’s newest Ironman Triathlon.

There will be dancing in the streets of Whistler for sure as this will be a huge boost to the Summer economy and will put Whistler in the spotlight once again as it was during the Winter Olympic Games.

Although one of the reasons the WTC most likely chose Whistler is because of it’s ability to provide accommodations for the influx of visitors during Ironman week, I personally hope that those accommodations remain affordable.

Ironman Whistler will be going head-to-head with Penticton Challenge on August 25, 2013 and that is really no surprise. For many, choosing Whistler over Kelowna will come as a bit of a shock as many athletes really enjoy visiting the Okanagan Valley.

It will no doubt be a bit disappointing that they are calling it Subaru Ironman Canada as in the minds of many that title will always be synonymous with Ironman Canada in Penticton. It would seem to make more sense to call it Ironman Whistler as most people will anyway.

That way they could form their own identity instead of being in the wake of the Penticton version of Ironman Canada. Mont Tremblant is standing on their own and does not have the Ironman Canada title and they are creating their own excellent image under the Ironman Mont Tremblant banner.

ironman Canada bid goes to whistler, B.C.

Whistler. A truly stunning venue.


The swim venue is Alta Lake and it is Glacier fed. The claim is that the water temperatures will be between 66-73 on average. It will be interesting to see if this is indeed the case.

One of the things I mentioned in the preview for the short-list of venues was the idea of having the swim in a venue where the water temperatures may be less than ideal because of mountain run-off, however perhaps in August the water temperatures will be more moderate.

Of course the bike will be on the Sea-to-Sky Highway as it is pretty much the only main highway into Whistler. The course travels into the Callaghan Valley before a descent back into Whistler where the second loop to Pemperton takes place before swinging back into Whistler for a two-loop marathon that travels along the Valley Trail passing Lost Lake and Green Lake and finally finishing at the Olympic Plaza in Whistler in what should be an excellent finish area.

For those who want to register for Subaru Ironman Canada 2013 on August 25 visit the Ironman Canada website.

As with any Ironman, the accommodations will be a challenge and will go fast so best to get on this right away.

I really feel quite bad for the passionate organizers in Kelowna and Huntsville who lost out. Perhaps there will be a third and fourth WTC Ironman in Canada one day and they will have their chance.

Perhaps the hand-writing was on the wall as I wrote this last week in the preview for the top three picks on the short-list.

The main advantage that Whistler may have over Kelowna for a Western choice is that it is first and foremost a ski resort and the WTC seems to have a some sort of love affair with these venue types. For instance, Lake Placid, Tahoe, Mont Tremblant, and now Whistler.

Well, it came to pass. Have a look at the post on the top three short-listed venues.

The following is a comment by Dr. Rich Trenholm-Chair, Trimuskoka.com:
Ironman Canada will be in Whistler in 2013
Even though we were hoping to be chosen as the host community for IMC 2013, this whole process simply goes to show the passion that our great country has for this sport. There is room for expansion beyond the reappointment of IMC to a new location, and we look forward to any opportunity that we may have in the future with this respect. Muskoka (and in particular Huntsville) has a proven reputation as a natural world class natural facility for racing, and we are working to increase the awareness of athletes from around the world to come and use our area as a training center all year round. Our website is an athletes (and their supporters) “trip advisor” for everything that they need to know when coming to Huntsville/Lake of Bays to train, to race, or simply to relax.

TriMuskoka…Triathlon Training, Racing, and Relaxing in Huntsville.

Congratulations to all those involved with the Whistler bid and best of luck. No doubt it is a stunning venue and they will put on a great event.

This is a great video of Whistler and will give you some idea of how amazing the venue is when it comes to natural beauty.

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