Your First Ironman Triathlon-start today

According to the Mayan calendar, the world will end on December 21, 2012.

If they are correct that means that from the time of this writing (February 23, 2012) you have about 10 months left to join the official WTC Ironman family by reaching an Ironman Triathlon finish line at a race near you.

This is a worthy goal indeed and a great way to say “goodbye cruel world” as the earth splits beneath your feet and you spiral into a bottomless chasm about 4 days before next Christmas.

Ironman triathlon finish line and the beginner ironman

Hopefully you will just be crossing the Ironman finish line when the lights go out.

By the way, don’t bother Christmas shopping next year.

Sell everything you own, quit your job and travel somewhere exotic for your shot at Ironman immortality.

Beginning with Ironman New Zealand on March 3, 2012 and ending with Ironman Australia (Busselton) on December 9, 2012, you will have 28 Ironman races to choose from before the sky caves in on us and all the lights go out.

The last Ironman race ever(according to the Mayans) being in Australia on December 9, 2012 does have a certain ring to it.

Before you are 6-feet under become an Ironman down under.


Of course there is a message here and whether the Mayans are right or not, there is something important to consider.

Although chances are better than average that the Mayans will be just as wrong about their world-ending predictions as the dozens of other this is if for sure predictions before them, it should give people pause for thought.

Nobody asked your advice when the world was born and you can bet you won’t have a say in how and when the world ends.

However, if the Ironman is on your mind and the distant finish line at the end of your Ironman journey keeps calling you, that is definitely a dream you can control and it’s all about taking the first step.


Although the world will most likely keep humming right along well past December 21, 2012, time does tend to fly by quickly and often dreams are left as just that—-dreams—-when they could have very easily become reality.

You only go around in this world once and ultimately you are the one who determines the direction your life will take and the tally of your accomplishments and “if onlys” when life’s final finish line is reached.

Nobody knows what destiny has in store around the next corner and there are no guarantees when it comes to longevity, so why not make the most of your life now and go after your Ironman Triathlon dream if it just won’t leave you alone?

Sure others may doubt you, or perhaps you doubt your own ability, or there is so much to learn, or you have never been much of an athlete, or, or, or………..

None of that will matter once you begin to believe in yourself. These are just stumbling blocks–real and imagined–that are thrown in your path to see what you are made of.

It’s not easy to become an Ironman and I guarantee you will be tested on many levels, but reaching the finish line is worth every bit of effort you put into it.

Start your Ironman journey now and with each small victory you will inspire yourself to greatness. You will be just like that little snowball that rolls downhill and keeps on growing and growing and growing until you become a dynamic, determined, unstoppable force.

Start now! Who knows what will happen.

It is depressing and pointless to worry about what will happen down the road when it comes to things out of your control. Let the Mayans worry about that.

Every morning when you wake up, you have the opportunity to choose a new path “at that very moment” and ultimately that’s what’s really important and what makes life worth living.

So start your first Ironman Triathlon journey today and become more than you ever thought possible.

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